A complete review about Shea Moisture Black Soap for acne

There are different kinds of multitasking and fancy skincare products available in the market. But one of the most comprehensively emerging products is the African black soaps which are creating hype among dermatologists and users. Yes, we’re talking about black soap of Africa which is a plant-based soap that originated in West Africa and has been used for centuries that protects skin from sunny climates.

If you are looking for the right product that helps your skin glow again with natural ingredients and prevents acne then Shea Moisture Black Soap for Acne is the ultimate solution. Many of the users have given positive feedback regarding its results for various skin problems as well. In this review session, we will be giving you a brief review of the Shea Moisture Black Soap for Acne, but before that let’s explore -African black soap.

What is African Black Soap?

African black soap (which is also known as black soap or African soap) is the current skincare formula that is considered as a “holy grail,” and that too for all the right reasons.

It is formulated to provide solutions for stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, and skin breakouts. African black soap is an all-rounder purchasing option for those who are rooting for a budget-friendly product. And the formula isn’t like any other synthetic soap you see at the drugstore. The black soap is handmade from Africa’s ingredients that are mostly plant-based.

We will recommend you purchase fair-trade black soap. Every fair trade reinforces sustainable production, and in some situations, it even candidly helps communities that are in need.

Seems satisfactory? Well, keep on reading, we will be further briefing you about the Shea Moisture Black Soap for Acne and the ways you can impart it to your routine.

Product information -Shea Moisture Black Soap for acne

In case you want something at ease, then Shea Moisture Black Soap for Acne is the best recommended choice for acne skin. With a blend of oats to eliminate extra oil and Aloe to moisture, you can remedy your dry skin with this formula. The product can be used on the skin candidly and is feasible to apply as well. It is available in a 4-pack of 8 oz soap bar. Shea Moisture Black Soap uses natural ingredients such as tamarind and palm ash, which collectively rejuvenates and moisturizes the skin.

Antibacterial features

Black soap entails antibacterial features. This organic cleanser acts more effectively than any other medicated soaps, especially when getting rid of the below-mentioned bacteria:

  • Bacillus spp
  • Staphylococcus epidermidis
  • Staphylococcus aureus
  • Corynebacterium spp
  • Escherichia coli

All such features prevent any kind of impurities, dirt, injurious bacteria, and make your skin feel moisturized as well. Furthermore, Shea Moisture Black Soap for Acne is delicate enough to be applied on your:

  • Body
  • Hands
  • Face

Fights acne problem

In order to balance the natural oils of your skin, the shea element in the soap may help in fixing cells that are damaged. The properties of antimicrobials can also clear extreme acne which occurs due to a bacteria named Propionibacterium.

Shield against photoaging

Shea Moisture Black Soap is infused with antioxidants that act as a shield against photoaging. With time, exposure to the sun can result in age spots (sun spots), but black soap entails some terrific barriers.

Reduces fine lines

Coconut oil and shea butter may help to encourage new cell development and eliminate the loss of collagen. It can help improve wrinkles and fine lines. The soap has a rough texture that provides the benefit of dead skin cells exfoliation.

What’s the right way to use black soap for acne?

Even though the usage process of Shea Moisture Black Soap is quite simple. However, it’s highly important to be cautious when getting the soap in contact with your skin directly because exfoliating properties can be too rough on your skin. In case you have drier skin, then you shouldn’t prefer this black soap. Following are some tips to use Shea Moisture Black Soap for Acne the right way.

  • Take a tiny marble-sized piece from the soap and try to form it into a ball
  • Now to get rid of the pointed edges, make sure to foam the soap in both hands (ensure to knead in amongst your hands)
  • Afterward, rub the foam or lather delicately onto the face. While using, ensure that it doesn’t get in contact with your Also, when applying the soap directly, use it very delicately. This will help to prevent irritation
  • Clean your face with lukewarm water. But if you have sensitive skin, then don’t apply it for a longer period
  • After cleaning the face follow it with a quality moisturizer
  • Lastly, keep the Shea Moisture Black Soap in an airtight container or bag


  • It clears away black spots and acne scars
  • You can get rid of skin rashes in no time
  • It entails natural antibacterial elements
  • You will love the fragrance of the soap
  • Hyperpigmentation can be reduced easily
  • Your skin won’t become oily at all
  • It lessens the discomfort for eczema and psoriasis
  • It is suitable for every skin type


  • The product isn’t available easily
  • It is jet black, so make sure you cleanse it off thoroughly, or else you’ll end up staining your clothes or towel
  • The size is quite big to manage for the initial few days


You can add Shea Moisture Black Soap for Acne to your skincare regimen for $4.49.

Our two cents

Shea Moisture Black Soap is infused with moisturizing nutrients that help to boost the natural complexion of the skin, making you glow naturally both day and night. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this product at your earliest.

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