A wholesome informative session about eyelash extensions

Admit it or not, every girl drools over long eyelashes. Of course, they are worth admiring. However, having thick and long eyelashes naturally is a blessing. But, what if you don’t have them? Well, today’s beauty industry caters to all your daydreams with the wings of reality, and eyelash extensions are one of them.

May it be from growth serums to heated curlers and magnifying mascaras. These all are one of the many hyped trends that work as an alternative for eyelashes. But eyelash extensions being the talk of the town, has grasped the limelight more than all the other methods available in the market.

If you are fed up with using falsies or mascara and you wish to flutter your eyelashes with confidence, then this pain-free method – eyelash extensions are your savior.

All you need to know about this session – precise overview

Most of you might know that the process of eyelash extensions is quite expensive. Is it worth spending bucks and time? Indeed, it feels tremendous to wake up in the morning with a semi-permanent eyelash each day. But there are dozens of things to consider while going for an eyelash extension treatment. From scribbling into the best lash artist in town to keeping a check and balance on risks and costs. Honestly, getting an eyelash extension requires thorough research by your side.

Many people complain about bad quality, natural lash damage, infection, and hygiene problems during eyelash extension treatment. You cannot just hop on to any artist and expect it to turn into your desired look. You have to invest a fair cost and effort in getting the right treatment. However, worry not, to help you out and to ease your decision, we have considered every side of the story regarding having eyelash extensions in this informative article. So, keep scrolling.

Eyelash extensions – What are they?

With eyelash extensions, you can get darker, fuller, and longer eyelashes. Eyelash extensions are connected to your natural lashes by semi-permanent strands.

During the treatment session, glue is used on every natural eyelash. So, an extension is added to your lashes. These extensions are in diverse lengths, from tints to curl patterns, you can get in whichever size and shape you desire.

The substances through which eyelash extensions are formulated are – silk, faux mink, mink, and synthetic fibers. Further, it is said that the substance differs in every studio.

Eyelash extensions – Types

If talked about primary lash material, artists usually use synthetic silk and mink. However, some artists prefer using faux mink that somehow depicts the mink extensions.

As you are going for eyelash extensions you need to take notice of the material that is being used on your lashes. After all, the eye is such a sensitive area to deal with. So, make sure you ask for the type of lash extension that your artist is going to apply. As most of the artists don’t ask such a thing beforehand, so you should ask it straight away. Moreover, if you are allergic to pets such as cats, then we will advise you not to opt for the mink lash extensions.

If you are looking for a darker, bolder, and thicker eyelash, then we will suggest you get your hands on the synthetic lashes. On the other hand, long-lasting and natural-looking lashes can be obtained from silk and mink eyelashes.

The most interesting thing about the best 3 types of lashes (synthetic, silk, and mink) is that they are available in every possible length and size. As variety is something that every customer craves for. Likewise, you can embrace a wide eye look, while longer lashes are attached to your eye’s exterior corners and smaller ones on the interior side. And artists also add several curl and length strengths to give your eyes a fuller look.

Eyelash extensions – Where to go?

You might creep out from the fact that eyelash extensions are not allowed in some of the places such as Delaware, Wisconsin, Maryland, Idaho, Alabama, and Connecticut. In these states, eyelash extensions are not permitted because they ask for a cosmetology license. Hence, most of the professionals aren’t taught how to work on the eye area, therefore, chances are less.

Do keep one thing intact to your mind, while you are booking appointments for your eyelash extensions, ensure that your artist is not a cosmetologist but a licensed esthetician. Estheticians are especially tutored in skin-related treatments. Hence, according to our research, we will recommend you to visit a studio named Envious Lashes in New York City.

Eyelash extensions – Application process

As told earlier, artists use semi-permanent glue to attach every lash at a particular time, which mainly includes 80 to 140 coverage per eye. Trusted artists use quality glue so that your eyes don’t damage or get irritated.

Note: Eyelashes are attached to your natural lashes and not to the skin.

Following is process is followed by many famous artists;

  • Assessment

Before you go for an appointment, just make sure that your artist has properly reviewed the pros and drawbacks of the eyelash extensions. Also, if you have any requirements, then make sure to tell that beforehand such as removing lenses before the treatment is important.

  • The decision about curl strength and extension length

Do decide which kind of extensions are your favorite ones. You can opt for curl strength or ideal length for the extensions. Just remember to tell your artist

whether you want a natural or glamorous look.

  • Eye area clean up

Coming to the studio without makeup is the safest option. But other than that, before the treatment, your artist should assure that your eyes are cleansed properly and make them germ-free. Also, don’t forget to lay in a comfortable posture while having eyelash extensions.

  • Using the eye gels and tape

When the eyelashes are being attached to your lashes, it takes approximately 1 to 2 hours. However, it also depends on the number of extensions applied by your artist. To secure your eyes from any damage, artists usually put an under-eye gel.

Furthermore, there will be a need for a contrasting background, as white backgrounds make your eyelashes much visible. The best part about this tape is that it doesn’t irritate or bother your skin during the removal process at all.

  • Application process

After dipping the extension into the glue, your artist will apply the lash by tweezers to your natural lashes. Although using a tweezer on your eyes sounds horrifying, rest assured it won’t cause any harm.

  • Drying time

When the extensions are being applied, your artist usually tends to dry them with a fan, or at times letting the glue dry itself also works. Opting for the first option here is to speed up the drying process. Even though the formula dries quickly, after the extensions are placed, you have to sit for around 10 minutes. However, during the drying process, you don’t have to worry about your eyes, as they are closed all the time.

  • Withdrawal of gels and tape

Soon after the drying session, your artist will take off all the eye-tape and gels from your under-eye. As told earlier, this isn’t painful at all. But if your eyes are sensitive, then you can ask for extra care as well.

A spool will be used by your artist after the removal process, later on, you have to blink your eyes in slow motion. Ta-da that’s it!

Eyelash extensions – Longevity

The durability of your eyelash extensions depends on the level of care you provide to your eyelashes. They can sustain for around 6 to 8 weeks until they organically bicker. In case they fall out at some point, you can consult your artist to fill them up again. In this way, you can certainly have long-lasting lashes.

Eyelash extensions – Dangerous or not?

For eyelash extensions, it’s very important – how your skilled workman is applying or by what techniques he/she uses for the process. They aren’t that dangerous or scary, but before consulting any of the appointments make sure you have known all about the lash from your salon.

In any case, if the salon is not responding quickly and not guiding you correctly, cancel your appointment because you are not supposed to take any risks for your eyelids. If they tell you about the ingredients it’s a good thing. If it contains formaldehyde or such ingredients, you need to cancel the appointment as it can cause itchiness and redness, and your eyes might swell.

It is better to pay extra bucks than risking your eyes. Consult a salon that uses nice and less toxic glues. Besides, glues that are being used as surgical tissue adhesive are far better than the other ones (butyl cyanoacrylate, etc.)

Must-haves for Appointment preparations

  • Get yourself comfortable

While the whole procedure is being done on you make sure you are comfortable because it takes 2 hours approx.

  • Bare face

The artist that is working on you, needs your face clean so that he/she can work on the canvas properly. Avoid concealers, foundations, mascara, and any other materials on or near your eye area.

  • Have your playlist ready

In case you get bored easily, keep the music on. So that your attention and mind get diverted to other things and you can enjoy your treatment.

  • Through research on your lash artist

Before booking, take a proper note of the cosmetologist who is going to do your lash work, because that is one of the most important things. Read the reviews on the page and get more information.

  • Say “No” to coffee

This isn’t a painful procedure. However, sometimes it can be nerve-wracking. In such cases, there is no need to have juices, coffee, or tea that can only irritate.

  • Quit Your retinol

Vitamin A in some cases increases sensitivity to your eye area. Do stop taking such stuff before your appointment is near. Avoid any kind of scrubs or acne masks as well.

  • Beforehand bathroom visits and avoids drinking

Keep this in your head, the procedure is going to be of two hours, so make sure you are done from the bathroom. At such times there is a serious need to avoid drinks and all.

  • Consider your allergies

Saying that lash extensions aren’t safe wouldn’t be a proper thing. In case if you are allergic to skin things or cats, do make sure that you want to do this because those lashes are also made up of mink hairs which can cause allergies. Therefore, before going for an appointment it is better to consult a doctor or someone. Then any sort of redness around the eye area can be avoided easily while having lash extensions. Also, do ask what type of glue is being used and if that can cause you allergy or not.

  • A photo for your desired look

Showing a picture to your lash stylist is always a bang-on idea. The definition for natural lashes might be different for you than for your artist. Therefore, giving a pictorial reference for your desired look is a must-have. So, grab your favorite extension look right away.


  • One take solution

Just an appointment and you are all ready to flutter with your new lashes. So, say goodbye to daily coatings of mascara.

  • Benefit with them for a longer time

If talking about its long-lasting effects, then they can last for approximately 2 to 3 weeks. But after some time they will fall out naturally.

  • Waterproof formula

After the treatment, you just have to wait for 48 hours, and you are free to sweat, swim, and shower in your new lashes. But it is said, if you keep them dry then they last for a longer time.

  • A complete awesome look

If you have taken a quality appointment from a professional artist, then no one can stop you from looking fabulous all the time. We assure you, your new false lashes will look dramatically stunning.

  • Customize them with fun

You can pull off whichever eyelash look you want. So, after consulting your stylist, customize them in whichever way you like.

  • Timesavers

After the appointment, you don’t have to re-do your eyelashes several times. They will always look flawlessly amazing. However, maintenance is important. But many people complain that after a few weeks they have to go refilling their extensions. So, we don’t consider this as a plus point.

  • Goodbye to any pain

You don’t have to make yourself anxious before the treatment. It is 100% painless, so you just have to close your eyes and see the magic happen after two hours.


  • Keep a check and balance

As your eye is a sensitive area, you have to shower extra care to the extensions. Just try to maintain the expensive treatment in every possible way.

  • Heavy on your pocket

Your dream eyelash extensions will be expensive to attain. For your desired lashes you have to spend around $150 to $500. Also, if you have to go for refills, then that requires a budget of $50 to $100 every visit. However, if you look at the bigger picture then it will cost you $1000-$2500 every year.

  • Your natural lashes might suffer

It might indeed cause a little damage to your natural eyelashes. And with the growth of your lashes, your extensions will fall out too.

  • Cleaning your face becomes an uphill task

You are not allowed to rub your eyes during the treatment. While you are washing your face, you have to work around the eye zone. As it is important for you to carefully deal with them.

Bingo advice – Aftercare sessions

  • Take nap in a particular direction

Whichever sleep position you like, just make sure that your eyes aren’t pressed into the pillow, or else it will break your eyelashes.

  • A big “No” to eyelash curlers

Prefer using a heated eyelash curler and avoid mechanical eyelash curlers.

  • Quit oil-filled cleansers

We are not only talking about oily cleansers here, but also about facial oils, makeup removers, and serums.

  • Keep away from touching or rubbing your eyes very often

If you are addicted to rubbing your eyes very often, then don’t expect your extensions to last at all. As this will only lead to the removal of extensions and natural lash breakage.

  • Don’t let your eyelashes get wet the initial 48 hours

Warn yourself before exposing your eyelashes to water within the initial hours of treatment.

  • Taking long showers is not a nice idea at all

You have to be careful about your shower timings. So, don’t spend much time in the shower. This should be avoided to save your lashes from premature breakages due to water. Furthermore, we suggest you brush your lashes after every shower session.

We hope you enjoyed reading this informative article about eyelash extensions.

Till then, groove with your new lashes!

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