10 Best salicylic acid face wash to use in 2021

salicylic acid face wash

Salicylic acid should be your first choice if you want a clear complexion. It is a kind of beta-hydroxy acid that is soluble in oil and penetrates deeply into the skin, effectively removing excess oil and sebum that contributes to whiteheads, blackheads, and other types of acne. Additionally, it exfoliates the skin, eliminating dead skin … Read more

8 Best Ketoconazole shampoo brands in 2021

ketoconazole shampoo brands

You’re probably wondering what Ketoconazole is. We realize this sounds like a nuclear experiment that should not be conducted near your hair. Or is it a shampoo version of the keto diet? We collaborated with doctors and hairstylists to help you discover the finest Ketoconazole shampoo brands in the market. The best Ketoconazole shampoo brands … Read more

9 Best Farmasi products that is a perfect partner for your skincare needs

farmasi products

While you may be unfamiliar with Turkish cosmetic brand Farmasi, the company has garnered a sizable fanbase over the years. With collections centered on active components such as aloe, calendula, and rose, Farmasi combines the skincare and cosmetics diversity of The Body Shop with the worldwide cache of La Roche-Posay (at an affordable price point). … Read more

Looking for the best primers? Here are the best makeup primer for oily skin that are a must-have!

best makeup primer for oily skin

If you are struggling to keep your make-up in place, then these mattifying star products are all you need. Having a good primer is the lifeline you need but it becomes a blessing when you have an oily complexion. Finding the right primer will make your foundation stop slipping, thus keeping your base smooth and … Read more