Best drugstore matte lipsticks that won’t dry out your lips

Matte lips have made a significant return in recent years, appearing on the red carpet, the runway, and magazine covers alike. Apart from their on-trend potential, best drugstore matte lipstick are usually more long-lasting than their creamy or glossy cousins. The disadvantage? They are often drying, and with time, begin to settle into lip creases or crack. Not to mention that striking the perfect balance with a matte finish is always difficult; clearly, you don’t want to go shiny, but certain mattes may rapidly veer into chalky or flat land.

Thus, finding the best drugstore matte lipstick that meets all of these criteria may be a difficult cosmetic task. But have no fear; we’ve already done the legwork, research, and investigation. Not only do these standout lipsticks exceed all of our matte requirements, but they also come from budget brands which means they come in very reasonable prices. Therefore, pucker up and prepare to swipe on one of these top picks—or, at these rates, try them all.

Below are the best drugstore matte lipstick available at drugstores.

Super Stay Matte Lipstick by Maybelline New York

This liquid lipstick is highly-pigmented and is available in 16 distinct colours ranging from sheer to supersaturated. This long-lasting colour transforms the appearance of your lips. It glides on with a glossy sheen yet maintains the ideal matte texture throughout the day. To get the best effects, put a lip gloss or lip balm over the colour. Whether you’re going for a casual or a party appearance, this lipstick may be just what you’re looking for.

Milani Color Statement Matte Lipstick

This nourishing matte lipstick is packed with vitamin C and A to hydrate and protect your lips. There are 24 distinct colours, from purples through pinks to reds. They are cruelty-free lipsticks that you can wear all day with confidence. You may wear this strong matte finish lip colour on any day, whether you’re seeing a friend for dinner or going out to a party. Glide it effortlessly over your lips and show off your fashionable style.

NYX Lingerie

NYX’s creamy textured lipstick has a matte look. It is available in a variety of colours and also in a six-piece set. You may get the ideal pout appearance by using a lip pencil or lip gloss. It is lightweight and highly pigmented, creating a velvety lip appearance. The lipstick is smudge-resistant and has a lengthy wear time. Choose whatever colour you want and get a salon-like appearance in no time.

Nicka K Matte Lipstick

Its Vivid line has 21 vibrant hues. Each is crafted from beeswax and has a contemporary matte finish. It provides complete pigmentation, giving your lips a stylish and bright appearance, and also lasts longer. Violet-red, trendy fuchsia, lime, slate blue, crimson, and pinky nude are just a few of the hues. Choose any and show off your style.

Froomer Waterproof Matte Lipstick

This matte lipstick is long-wearing and creates the ideal lip look for any event. You may use a lip balm in conjunction with the lipstick to have a matte look and to keep your lips from drying out. The liquid texture makes application simple and comfortable. The company offers 16 distinct colours for improving the lip cosmetics.

L. A. Girl Matte Flat Velvet Lipstick

Lipsticks in this collection are vibrant and bold. Each one is infused with butter so that it keeps your lips moisturised throughout the day. You may choose from a palette of 25 vivid hues. Each lipstick has a net weight of 0.10oz and applies smoothly and softly. The lipstick is extremely pigmented and hydrating, leaving your lips with a silky matte feel.

Revlon Super Lustrous Matte Lipstick

This matte drugstore lipstick, infused with agave, cupuacu butter, and moringa oil, will leave your lips looking supple and soft. It comes in 24 hues of browns, plums, nudes, and reds, ensuring that every lady finds the ideal shade. The lipstick has a lengthy wear time and is pleasant to wear throughout the day. It provides you the exact matte finish you’ve been looking for, and at a price point that allows you to purchase multiple.

Wet n Wild Rebel Rose Megalast Liquid Catsuit

It’s a lightweight lipstick that goes on easily and leaves your lips ultra-matte. It is extremely pigmented, weighs 6g, and gives your lips a dramatic appearance. This rebel red lipstick hue is long-lasting, pleasant to wear, and does not smear or flake. The company produces cruelty-free goods and does not conduct animal testing throughout the manufacturing.

Maybelline New York Color Sensational Creamy Matte Lipstick

Been made with precious and rich oils, this matte drugstore lipstick leaves your lips feeling creamy but matte. It’s a vibrant, pigmented shade that comes in a variety of shades, including pink and stylish, pink candy, and yearning coral. It comes in a 0.15oz pack and is reasonably priced. You may buy as many lipsticks as you want.

Longstay Liquid Matte Lipstick by Golden Rose

The matte lipstick is infused with vitamin E and avocado oil to help keep your lips moisturised, smooth, and supple. The lipstick’s creamy and non-sticky texture ensures easy application and a long-lasting matte finish. The company provides 14 different colours of the finest drugstore matte lipsticks. The lipsticks have a lightweight, moisturising composition that is easily removed with the help of any two-phase remover for makeup.

L’Oréal Paris Riche Matte

This is a thick, creamy, and long-wearing matte lipstick from the drugstore that achieves the required appearance. It applies easily, smoothly, and softly, while also hydrating your lips. You may pick from a palette of sixteen distinct shades, including mette-jestic, berry matte pink, and matte-traction red. It is easy to wear for extended periods of time and provides a bold and attractive matte finish that is appropriate for any event.

Outtop Halloween Waterproof  Liquid Lipstick

It’s a budget-friendly matte drugstore lipstick that provides high-definition coverage and a lightweight application. It is pleasant to wear, resistant to water, and durable. It comes in 12 shades, each of which is appropriate for a variety of cosmetic styles. You may choose any and improve your appearance for Halloween or any other costume celebration. This lipstick has a velvety matte texture that complements any cosmetic outlook.

Beauty Glazed Lipstick Set

This collection of the finest matte drugstore lipsticks includes six shades: deep burgundy, deep beige rude, warm brown berry, mid-tone beige and pale pink. Each one is packed with chemicals that help keep your lips hydrated for an extended period of time. Choose any of these six and apply for a smooth, non-drying sensation on your lips. It allows simple application and enhances the appearance.

Ambreesh 24 Karat Lips

This vegan and cruelty-free matte lipstick not only gives colour to your lips but also moisturises and hydrates them. It includes apricot, avocado, and macadamia oils, which give the colours their vibrancy. This waterproof and lightweight 24K lipstick is available in 21 vibrant and stunning shades. The exclusive composition provides long-lasting, smudge-proof, and smooch-proof wear. Choose your favourite colour and create a lovely pout.

Revlon Matte Lipstick

It’s one of the finest drugstore matte lipsticks on the market, and it comes in a two-pack bargain deal. It goes on easily and leaves your lips with a beautiful pink matte finish. The lipstick is non-drying and has a long-lasting application. It is not cakey and mixes nicely on the lips to provide the greatest amount of colour. For an enhanced appearance, use this matte lipstick with a lip liner or lip gloss.

Revlon Matte Balm

We love lip crayons for their simplicity of application; they’re completely foolproof and can be used anytime, anyplace, even without a mirror. This retractable crayon really glides on and it feels more identical to a lip balm than a lipstick, thanks to a foundation created with a combination of coconut butter, mango, and ultra-hydrating shea. As an example, reviewers often make reference to the moisturising appearance and feel. Nonetheless, the shade has a stunning velvety matte texture and is highly buildable.

Outlast UltiMatte Strawberry Spritzer by Covergirl

We adore how moisturising Covergirl’s liquid formula is, offering up to 24 hours of perfect, comfortable wear that will not cake or dry out. Even better, it’s transfer resistant, which means it’ll last you through a satisfying dinner and even through a makeout session. Women with lighter skin tones may rest assured that the majority of light-to-medium pinks are very flattering and that brings us to this Strawberry Spritzer. It is a neutral medium pink that adds a lovely burst of colour without being overpowering.

Colourpop Moisture-rich matte lipstick

With this moisture-rich matte lipstick from Colourpop, you do not have to worry that your lips will feel dry again. It’s packed with vitamin E, avocado oil, mango butters, and shea to keep your pout smooth and nourished. We like Love Life, it is in brownish brick red that looks particularly well on people with medium complexion tones.

BLK/OPL Liquid Lipstick in Velvety Matte Finish

These liquid lipsticks are not for the faint of heart, as they offer intense pigment and a velvety matte finish. It is formulated to never fade or feather, while antioxidants such as vitamins E and C effectively protect and moisturise the lips. Deeper skin tones may wear a range of colours, from bright berries, reds, and browns to strong neons, but we’re obsessed with Fab Fuchsia, a warm berry-tinged and vibrant pink.

Stay Matte Liquid Lip Colour by Rimmel

Is there a more traditional or elegant makeup look than a crimson lip? We believe not. Otherwise, you may go bare-faced, but a touch of red lipstick transforms you into a global conqueror. However, as anybody who has ever sought the ideal red can attest, not all red colours are made equal.

This one may well be the global go-to, with a base that is neither too cold nor too warm, so it flatters almost any skin tone. Combine it with the formula’s flawless matte finish and long-wearing ability (because who wants to bother with touch-ups while sporting a red lip? ), and your quest for the ideal red lipstick may be finished.

NYX Professional Matte Lipstick

Not just 10 or 20, but a staggering 45 colours are available in this popular matte lippie. Yes, in the neighborhood of 50. We’re talking about anything from classic neutrals like grey, beige, and plum. Each hue has the same matte finish offset by a silky and velvety texture that never dries out the lips, which is why it is considered to be a must-have. Devoted admirers like not just the variety of colour choices, but also the longevity of the colour and the price.

Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Matte Lip Crayon

This lip crayon, infused with jojoba and kendi oils, as well as shea butter, moisturises the lips while engulfing them in rich, creamy color. There are a total of six colours ranging from plums to pink, none of them are flavoured or scented. The real kicker is that the recipe is created entirely of natural components and packaged entirely in recyclable materials, which means you can feel good about placing it on your lips.

Right drugstore lipstick choosing guide

We have a few suggestions to help you cut through the complexity and choose a matte lipstick that is right for you.

  • Look for hydrating components such as shea butter or pure oils.
  • Always check the labels to ensure that you are not consuming any hazardous chemicals that may irritate or dry out your lips.
  • Additionally, you can determine if the products are cruelty-free and vegan to make a wise selection.
  • Choose colours that complement your skin’s undertone. For example, naked or soft mocha shares look fantastic with cold undertones. Similarly, warm undertones suit peach or brown hues or pink nudes.
  • Additionally, you may want to check for characteristics such as smudge-proof, waterproof, and long-lasting.

It may be perplexing to see so many options for cheap matte lipsticks. However, if we define the characteristics we want in a lipstick, the choice may become simpler. You may even compare the costs of several lipsticks to find one that suits your budget while still providing you with what you want.

Benefits of Matte Lipstick to Consider

Matte lipstick has the potential to provide an air of sophistication and neatness. It has a matte texture and is simple to apply as part of one’s makeup regimen. The greatest appearance with this lipstick is obtained by selecting a hue that blends well with your natural skin tone. Additionally, this is a kind of makeup that works well with almost any other style of makeup. Following are the key advantages of best drugstore matte lipstick that you must consider:

  • Low-maintenance – unlike glossy lipsticks, matte lipsticks have the ability to endure an extended period of time. While it may be required to reapply just once a day to retain the finest appearance, there is much less danger of cracking, caking, or a moisture’s layer requirement.
  • Minimal transfer – this kind of lipstick is almost smudge-proof. It adheres to the skin after application and is also unlikely to spread during the day. It’s an excellent lip balm that provides the assurance that it will not transfer when engaging in daily activities such as drinking a cup of coffee or eating a sandwich. Other kinds of lipstick need regular wiping, but not matte cosmetics.
  • Natural looking – although matte lipsticks may create a strong look, they are also very good at producing a natural appearance that is quite distinct from that of many glossy lipsticks.
  • Warm weather – this lipstick is an excellent choice for summer days. Numerous glossy lipsticks will smear and become easier to remove. This occurs as a result of the heat and when you begin to sweat. Even in high conditions, the matte lipstick does not heat up and maintains its look without fading.
  • More control – With the matte lipstick, it is possible to exert a great deal more control over the application. If you’re applying the glossy kind using a doe-foot applicator, it may feel different to have full control over the quantity of lipstick applied. Excessive application may easily turn into a greasy mess. This is simply not the case with matte lipsticks, since it is simpler to apply and feels the same whether you use one, two, or three coats.

Overall, a well-applied matte lipstick may provide an excellent edgy look that is less glossy and sweet than the alternatives.

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