Three best face rollers for your skin care routine

When it comes to products that can be applied to your face, people never cut back on their expenses. Face rollers are very important for people who want to have younger-looking skin in the long run.

The most commonly used skincare tool is the face roller that cannot only even out your makeup, but will also give you a face massage.

You will feel the difference once you start using face rollers as they give you glowing skin. This will help you reduce the wrinkles on your face by tightening up your skin. But it is important to choose the best product for your skin without the fear of damaging it.

Few benefits of face rollers


There are various benefits of using face rollers.

Removes the double chin: There are various reasons that contribute to double chin, but you can use face rollers for a massage, which will help you in eventually getting rid of the double chin.

Removes toxins: In our body, we have the detoxification process. Everyone must do regular face massage, as it would have a stimulating effect and would normalize the circulation of the blood. A face roller stimulates blood circulation to the skin. It also stimulates deep tissues.

Tighten the pores: Thanks to the freshness of the jade if you regularly use the accessory it would tighten the pores of the skin and would make it appear more firm.

Strengthens skin suppleness and flexibility: The face roller is very effective in improving the suppleness of the skin, and its repeated use keeps the skin fresh and firm. The regular use of face rollers increases the blood flow to the facial pores.

Mentioned below are the best three facial rollers for you:

 Jade Roller

It is an ancient Chinese face roller that has been used for centuries. It has long-lasting effects on the skin, and makes it glow even more. These rollers cost between $20 to $40.

If you want to give a gentle massage to your face, the Jade Facial Roller will work wonders for you. The facial massage will stimulate blood circulation and increase the regeneration of cells. Thanks to its massaging effect, it brings radiance to the face complexion, reduces fine lines, and allows beauty products to penetrate deeper into the skin.


You can use Jade Facial Roller whenever you want – it’s just a tool that complements your skincare routine. Roll it upward starting at the chin to the hairline, then down the nose, eyebrows, and temples. The whole process should take just two to four minutes.

Although it has the least side effects, if used improperly it can damage your skin texture. It may also cause the fillers to clog your lymphatic system. People who have applied fillers on their skin should not use a face roller.

Double-Headed Roller


This face roller looks like a tool right out of the gym. It carves out your skin perfectly. If you want to carve your cheekbones or eyebrows, this face roller is for you.

It weighs over 12 ounces and therefore, applying it with pressure can damage your skin.

Cooling Roller

Some people do not want warm touches on their skin. This Cooling Roller is for them.

The tip of the Cooling Roller is made up of steel. The cooling roller not only comes with water, but it has a gel core that will act like an ice cube when applied to your skin. This will help you get a refreshing effect on your skin within minutes.

You can have a light hand at the neck and chin, but be firm on the cheeks. For drainage of fluids – to reshape the contours of the face – it is necessary to start from an angle towards the outside of the face, and then direct the roller downwards and towards the ear. It helps in draining the fluids from the lymph nodes. You should use it two or three times a week for a minimum of five minutes, and you will see a difference after about two weeks.


If you care about your skin, this face roller is the right choice for you. You must take extra care of the storage of this roller as it has to be kept in a refrigerator.

Although it is only preferred by people who like a cold touch on their face, it can be used by anyone. The reason for this roller to be so famous is because it has the least side effects when compared with other face rollers. This face roller can easily be applied to the skin without any damage.

There are different products available in the market and it is up to you to choose the best for yourself, according to your skin type.


Whichever face roller you choose, the secret is to run it from bottom to up, never the other way round. Repeat the action five times on each area: under the chin, under the cheekbone, then on the cheekbone. Finally, pass it on the eyebrows (its freshness will relieve a migraine), then up the forehead.

Face rollers help protect the freshness of your skin. You can choose from any of the top three facial rollers according to your needs. You would find different products available in the market and you might feel a bit odd in the beginning as to rolling a cold object on the face. However, after consistent use, you will notice vivid changes in your face and body.

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