Uneven skin texture: The best foundations to cover it up

People often struggle with uneven skin texture and they require an expert’s opinion to find out the products suitable for their skin. Generally, people want to know about the best foundation for uneven skin texture. When it comes to using products on the skin with uneven texture, you must be very careful in your choices. The dead cells pile up on the skin and you need to identify the best products for your skin. There can be multiple reasons for your skin getting textured, but this does not mean that there are no beauty products available for your skin. The most commonly used method with textured scale is that they use foundation to hide it evenly. And in this article, we will detail the best foundation for uneven skin texture.

With the growing variety of shades, finishes, formulations, and coverage, it’s harder than ever to find the right foundation for your needs. There are multiple choices available in the market that can be helpful for your skin depending upon the damage. Too bright a concealer can make oily skin look even oilier, while a mat product can make dry skin even more apparent. This is why we should always choose the formulation of our foundation according to our skin type. Liquid skincare products have a creamy texture that’s perfect for dry skin, but there are some powders enriched with moisturizing ingredients that work just as well.

Oily skin is best served by powder foundations or oil-free products; base makeup also does little wonders to absorb excess oils and prevent unwanted shine. Mix skin takes a little more work to achieve a flawless look, either applying more powder foundation than the rest of the face before blending it all in. Ultimately, mature skin works best with a light liquid foundation or tinted moisturizer.

We must go hunting with simple skin; the goal is to find the perfect match. However, we must wash our face to remove any dead or dry skin that could create an uneven look. Avoid using a new foundation the same day to prevent redness. Below are some of the best foundations for uneven skin texture.

Estee Lauder- Double wear

Estee Lauder- Double Wear

When it comes to beauty products, the first name that pops in the minds of many women around the globe is Estee Lauder. Double Wear tends to outshine all other products available in the market due to its ease of use. This product not only hides the textured skin, but also lasts for an entire day. This is one of the most lightweight products on the market and will feel light as a feather when applied. You will not be compromising on your comfort with this product. Another reason for choosing this product is that this product will not change its color and will allow you to beam with confidence the entire day. This product will stay on your face with the same even distribution that you applied it with.

MAC Studio- Fix fluid foundation

MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation

If you are someone who craves warmer tones on their skins, you can go ahead and pick one of the products from MAC. Their new product Studio Fix Fluid Foundation is everything that one expects from a foundation. If you are not sure about the product that you are using because it changes your face complexion, look no further than Studio Fix. This will give you a natural finish with a matte look that is going to make you look graceful. Once applied, you do not have to worry about going into direct sunlight. With its SPF 15 formula, it works as a sunblock and will allow you to work in direct sunlight without the fear of damaging the skin.

Maybelline Fit Me Matte- Poreless liquid foundation

Maybelline Fit Me Matte

The women with oily skin are disturbed with the uneven textured skin as anyone would be with dry skin. If you want a matte finish on your oily skin surface, this product is right for your skin. It is going to give an even finish to your makeup and will help you glow throughout the day. The reason for mentioning the women with oily skin specifically is because of the nature of this product. This foundation is not good for women with dry skin, because it will leave patches. Someone with dry skin will understand this point because having patches of foundation on your skin is the last thing that they want. This product is similar to Double Wear as it ensures the same quality and is also light on the face.

L’Oreal Paris- Infallible total cover foundation

L’Oreal Paris Infallible Total Cover Foundation

Talking about L’Oreal Paris products is a must, when discussing skincare products. With its Infallible Total Cover Foundation, L’Oreal has it covered for the women looking for natural-looking skin. The main reason for using this product is that its effectiveness is more on skins with acne scars. This product is highly recommended for women with patchy skins. The only downside of this foundation is that it is available in limited sheets.

Revlon ColorStay- Whipped creme makeup

Revlon ColorStay Whipped Crème Makeup

The natural ingredients of this product make it the preferred choice of every woman with textured skin. It has a creamy formula, which evenly distributes on your face. It is a presumption that this foundation is not for women with oily skins, but it is completely baseless. It will help you conceal your pores evenly and it will not look out of place throughout the day. This product is great for women with little experience in makeup.

Because the foundation can react when mixed with the oil secreted during the day, it may become a little darker after a few hours. It must continue to be tested over several days.


We have listed the best foundation for uneven skin texture, however, we advise you to do your research as well and always perform a test before regular usage.


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