Best way to use wild growth hair oil in 4 easy steps

There must be several instances in your life that might have compelled you to wonder, what this particular person applies to their hair?

Beautiful hair is something that naturally gets the limelight.

There are certain tricks that people follow to attain a healthy hair look. Therefore, we have come up with the best ways to use wild growth hair oil for enriching you with an amazing hair experience.

We all dream of being a real-life Rapunzel and that can only be possible with gorgeous-looking hair.

The wild growth hair oil works like magic. This wondrous oil enhances your hair quality by making them more  silkier, smoother, and healthier. It contains natural ingredients. It is a complete hack for transfiguring your hair with a shiny and unique texture.

It contains numerous rich minerals, such as Jojoba Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, rice bran, and Olive Oil. They help in conditioning your hair. Moreover, the oil also includes mushrooms, chickpea, cocoa butter, and lentil extracts.

You should be aware of the best way to use Wild Growth Hair Oil and its thickening properties.

You can apply it more efficiently with beneficial outcomes, but you must be careful at the same time. If used in a large quantity, it may affect your hair quality.

It is to be noted that this particular oil is not hypoallergenic. Therefore, we recommend you go through the list of ingredients that wild growth hair oil contains.

Get ready to embrace the best way to use wild growth hair oil in 4 easy steps through our guidebook.

But first, you must be aware of the following facts before using wild growth oil:

  • As it is a chemical product, you can’t apply an ample amount in just one go. Prefer applying it in a minimal quantity in initial days
  • While using heat styling items, you have to use the product in a greater proportion
  • Do make sure you have shuddered the oil perfectly before applying it on your hair

Without a further delay, let’s delve into the best way to use Wild Growth Hair Oil in 4 easy steps

Level 1

Blend 5-20 drops of Wild Growth Light Oil moisturizer (a solution used for multiplying the hair quality with a complete hair growth system) in shampoo.

The shampoo helps create a defensive barrier against the chemical reaction of oil, thereby curbing the harmful properties. Therefore, you need to amalgamate moisturizer and shampoo.

Level 2

Take 5-30 drops of Wild Growth Light Oil moisturizer and distribute evenly through damp hair. The leave-in after washing is to secure your hair from abrasion or damage of the moisture. Do ensure that the oil is applied all over the hair for attaining the best results.

Level 3

Apply between 5-120 drops of Wild Growth Hair Oil, (It will show a tremendous effect if a little amount of wild growth light oil moisturizer is added), on your dry or wet hair. Before styling, combing, straightening, and blow-drying, you need to leave the hair for a little while (3-5 minutes) so that you get favorable results.

We all have different hair textures and so our need for its application will vary.

  • Mainly for diverse hair variety

We all come from diverse cultures with unique personalities and hair textures. Therefore, to cover such a humongous range of unique hair, It is vital to assist each hair texture with the wild growth hair oil solution.

You can follow two procedures mentioned below.

You can apply 5-20 drops of the hair oil on your scalp and gently exfoliate your fingers through it. Then until and unless the hair gets completely dry, try using a comb every 3 to 5 minutes.

Secondly, apply around 5-20 drops of the hair oil with your fingers on the scalp. After the application of oil for a little while, you can dry your hair with any blow dryer or straightener.

  • Mainly for curly and slow growth hair variety

Some individuals have curly and kinky hair. Some people have a slow hair growth rate as well. Certainly, they must be hard to manage, and finding a solution to your hair type is essential.

Apply 20 droplets of wild growth hair oil to each hair portion. The quantity to be used can be adjusted according to how long your hair is (greater chunk for longer hair). Brush your hair softly, comb through or untangle them, then twine the oiled hair (minus the short hair). Once knotted, you can carefully apply to the whole scalp.

Moreover, we suggest you to:

  • Tie the braids and brush over. For a sleek style look, at lower dryer temperatures, you can wrap up drying
  • For a protective flair, leave the braid in its original state.
  • If you wish to attain a straight, blow-dried look, you just have to blow dry at a medium temperature
  • A complete straight look can also be attained. You only have to apply the oil, and then after it soaks consider blow drying at a medium temperature.

Level 4

To encourage hair growth, apply the oil on the scalp in between washings, and try drying it afterward. This helps in increasing hair shine.

For curly and slow-growing hair, we suggest you to consider the following points

  • Situation #1: You have to apply wild growth hair oil if your hair has become crinkled
  • Situation #2: At times your scalp becomes dry and you have to take certain precautions. In such cases, use the wild growth light oil moisturizer
  • Situation #3: Rainy conditions can lead your hair to lose their shine. Therefore, you should make sure a coating of wild growth hair oil is applied on the wet scalp
  • Situation #4: You must have witnessed sweat on your scalp after a long tiring day. Especially in summers, the hair become greasy. To prevent such instances, you can apply wild growth hair oil on wet scalp.

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