How much does hair weigh: An informative session

How much does hair weigh

Many people are perplexed, whether cutting or growing your hair long makes any difference in your weight or not. Therefore, we did extensive research on how much does hair weighs. After researching such a topic, we got to know – hair can weigh around two to five ounces, depending on its thickness and length. People … Read more

Top 5 best brands of coconut oil for hair: A perfect guide for embracing beautiful-looking hair

best brand of coconut oil for hair

The rich fatty-acid containing coconut oil is an all-time natural savior that is a favorite amongst many. Especially, after Kim Kardashian disclosed it as her beauty secret, people have gone all-praises for this product. You might have had coconut oil massaging sessions with your mother in childhood. Therefore, this might be a familiar plant oil … Read more