Cypher tanning lotion reviews: An informative session about tanning lotions by California Tan

Nowadays, cypher tanning lotions are quite trendy and the most desired products for their effective results. This is also because people have become even more aware of the hazardous sun UV rays. In 2021, 35% of the American adults, 59% of college students and 17% of teens were exposed to tanned skins. Hence the secret to this problem is using indoor tanning lotions which contain strong ingredients such as green tea extract, natural oils and copper.

Moreover, to make things easier for you, we have formulated this session about cypher tanning lotion reviews, which will give you an all-rounder idea about the formula. So keep reading till the end.

Why are these lotions so effective?

The cypher tanning lotions include the DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) ingredient, which makes these products effective enough to cater to the desired tan look. While it also uses amino acids in the skin to develop melanoids –an organic element from which skin gets its color.

California Tan 3-Step Tanning System -Cypher tanning lotion reviews

California Tan was established in the 80s and has been serving its customers for more than 25 years in the formulation of unique, leading-edge sun care items. All the inspiration is taken from the sun-kissed, care-free golden state’s lifestyle; California Tan sun care products have formed goodwill over the years with its fine tanning technology. So if you want a perfect glow, then California Tan is here to help you out with their services.

Filled with skincare and quality tanning ingredients, California Tan supper-hydrating, scientifically proven lotions are showcased in a 3-step system. This professional system is formulated to promote a prolonged dark color appearance while providing the best results. So without further ado, let’s look into the 3-Step tanning system along with cypher tanning lotion reviews

California Tan Cypher Platinum Bronzer (Step 1 –produce)

Although gold can become outdated, bronze always stays in fashion. Step 1 of California Tan Cypher Platinum Bronzer provides a long-wearing color that is ultra-dark. You can benefit from an incredible vacation tan in quite a little time and it won’t cost much of a price as well. This Cypher Platinum is sure to impart a beautiful scent to your skin with its zesty lime verbena ingredient. Plus, the seven aging signs are cured by the Platinum Complex, helping your skin to get a youthful look that will compel everyone to turn their heads for sure.

Moreover, this lotion ensures to boost the production of collagen and elastin with its exceptional age-defying code (Cell Speak Complex), providing smooth, youthful skin. So put your tan results on a turbo-speed and add bronze to your skin routine with the help of its color enhancer – vitatan. You better try this cypher lotion to witness a beautiful tan today.


  • The product has a pleasant fragrance of Zesty Lime Verbena.
  • It is an advanced formula that uses technology to address and identify the skin areas that require tan.
  • The lotion is infused with silicone that makes your skin extra smooth It is a great lotion for people who are looking for a very good step one tanning formula.


You can get your hands on this lotion for $64.95.

Cypher Platinum Black Optimizer Bronzer (Step 2-oxidize)

When it comes to this formula, then the bronzers provide an intense, dark work after and before your skin exposes itself to UV radiation at the tanning bed. This lotion comprises age-defying technology and bronzer that assures to provide skin darkening results in no time.

Moreover, the technology of copper oxide (CuO2) and Tissue Respiratory Factor (TRF) are enriched with oxygen and copper peptides, which helps in the production of melanin (that provides the right color). People who possess a great tanning bed can directly jump to stage 2 without opting for stage 1 (California Tan Cypher Platinum Bronzer).

Cypher tanning lotion reviews for this product are quite impressive by its users. Many customers have said that after using this lotion, their skin became quite elastic and flexible. Cypher Platinum Black Optimizer Bronzer also helped in enhancing collagen production that further improved aging skin as well. All in all, this lotion deserves your attention for all the right reasons.


  • It boosts collagen production and enhances skin elasticity.
  • It addresses aging skin issues as well.
  • You can easily attain gorgeous skin.
  • Color catalysts and 50 bronzers cater to delayed and quick results.
  • It caters to 2 technologies: TRF and CuO2.
  • With this lotion, your skin will get spoiled with healthy ingredients.
  • It helps to soothe, hydrate, and regenerate skin.


Cypher Platinum Black Optimizer Bronzer is available for $39.98.

California Tan HD Mann Complete Shampoo + Body Wash (Step 3-extend)

This is the last step and it gives you complete tanning that looks like magic. California Tan HD Mann Complete Shampoo + Body Wash is used to make your color last for a longer time with a dose of extra skin hydration. The formula is scientifically formulated to energize your tan with the help of Energen, which is a complex that provides the required energy to fight the aging signs of rough skin.

Furthermore, the formula entails deep cleansing properties that lather instantly and cater to invigorating Menthol for a smooth touch. The ingredient of CT-Protect makes your skin appear youthful; all thanks to its nutrients that helps in avoiding damage. So what are you waiting for? Complete the 3-step tanning process to get a flawless bronze right away.


  • It makes sure to rejuvenate your skin.
  • The formula contains vitamin that helps to enhance your skin quality.
  • It provides natural color to the neck and face area.
  • Its CT-Protect ingredient caters to an extra dose of skin hydration.
  • The product improves the skin appearance and tone.


You can get your hands on this product from your nearest stores for $11.95.

What are some issues and solutions of cypher lotions?


  • If you are having an indoor tanning session, then you might come across bright orange hands. This happens because your hands get in contact with cypher lotions for a long time as all the formula is applied via your hands on the whole body.
  • The most common issue that people usually face while using indoor formulas is streaks.


  • Now the best way to prevent such a problem from arising is that after every 5 min, you should clean your hands. This will not let the formula penetrate your hands and you can get rid of the intense orange color as well.
  • To figure out the streaking issue, you have to use the lotion on your skin swiftly. And avoid running your hands straight down to your leg area. Try to make sure you make an even distribution with the right absorption of the formula without any intense streaks.

Extra tips

  • Usually, it is instructed to initiate using the formula from the leg’s top to the downward direction, then work your way upward to the shoulders using your hands, and lastly, ensure to cover the back and front of your body completely.
  • Before you use the cypher lotion on your skin, you must take a quick bath and scrub your whole body nicely. In this way, the lotion gets the margin to function on fresh skin cells, plus, your tan will stay for a longer period as well (such lotions helps in sustaining the tan for around a week).
  • We will recommend you to keep caution in your mind while you are applying the cypher lotion. And this is vital for people who are all new to the tanning process.

What to expect from a tanning lotion?

If you are looking for a quality cypher tanning lotion, then there are several things that you should intact to your mind, which are mentioned below:

  • When you go to buy a tanning lotion, then pick the one that can act as a shield against sun UV rays. And so before making a purchase decision, check whether the product will be able to protect your skin from the sun or not
  • The tanning lotion shouldn’t intensify the tan a lot because the sun will show its results on your skin as well, and we are pretty sure you don’t want your bronze tan to appear all black
  • Many indoor tanning lotions are formulated with a lot of irritants and chemicals. However, some formulas consist of melanin that provides the skin its organic pigment. So it’s necessary to ensure that these elements are in proper balance for avoiding any aftereffect on the skin
  • Just having a quality formula isn’t enough, you have to pamper your skin equally too. Hence, when you are rooting for a tanning lotion, you must get yourself a moisturizer for extra smoothness as well

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