Different purple hair dyes color ideas to try in 2021

Purple hair color is the talk of the town nowadays due to its unusual, chic, and elegant look. Plus, you are free to choose from an array of purple shades that are available in the market. These shades will not only make you appear younger but also beautifully add freshness to your complexion.

Purple hair color was once considered in the domain of punk subcultures and emo angst-ridden teens all around the world. Now, it has become the most coveted hair shade of this year.

If you are a crazy purple-color fan, then what’s stopping you from experimenting with your hair? Well, we bet you’ll love different purple hair dyes for sure. And you never know, after reading our interesting guide, you might rush to the salon or give it a try at your home right away.

What to look forward to in this guide?

We will be delving into some of the tricks and tips – from dying your hair purple to maintaining their quality. Plus, we will be suggesting some interesting ideas about different purple hair dyes that are worth giving a try. This guide is going to give you an all-rounder idea about the purple dye. So make sure you stick to this session till the end.

How to choose the right purple hair shade?

  • The clothes you wear daily

Whichever purple shade you pick, make sure your dressing sense also goes well with it. In case you usually wear more neutral, cold, or warm hues, then select a purple color accordingly.

  • Take a note of your skin tone

During your search for the right hair shade, you should keep your undertone and surface skin tone in mind. In case you possess a cool undertone, opt for an intense or darker hue of purple. But if you have a warm undertone, then go for a purple gold color.

  • Be clear about your preference

Are you rooting for a total hair color change? Or do you only wish to have simple streaks? What about some highlights? Maybe a multicolored look with purple? Whichever look you want to try, make sure to make your mind clear beforehand.

  • Keep a track of your makeup

Since you are about to try purple hair color, ensure that your makeup does not go off track with your overall hair look. We are pretty sure you don’t want to end up in a situation where your base shade looks horrible with the purple hair color. So girls being wiser here is damn important.

  • Purple hair requires extra maintenance

Question yourself – are you willing to invest plenty of time in your purple hair maintenance? If yes, then we would recommend you recolor your hair weekly. However, if that’s not the case, then you are more of a person who can tackle simple hair streaks for now.

The types of purple hair dye

When it comes to types of different purple hair dyes, then you have to consider them from their long-lasting or short-term prevailing results. You can go for one of the following dyes and the choice is completely yours.

  • Temporary:

This dye sustains for around 3 washes, but it mainly depends on how nicely your hair absorbs it up. In case, you have damaged your hair with dying and bleaching solutions before, then temporary hair dyes stay for a bit longer.

  • Semi-permanent:

Such kinds of dyes last for around 6 washes before the hair brightness starts to disappear slowly and steadily. However, people who have dyed their hair previously can benefit from the slow fading of color.

  • Permanent:

Even though the name suggests that the color won’t fade – that’s not true! However, you will be able to witness a certain level of permanent pigment for sure. And if you want good hair vibrancy and brightness, you will have to refresh the color from time to time as well.

What is an effective method to get purple hair?

  • Step 1 –If you possess dark hair, firstly opt for burgundy or plum dye with no bleach

To all the people who have dark hair –you guys initially need to develop a permanent dye base in a burgundy or plum color. Plus, it can be done without bleach at your home or any parlor.

  • Step 2 –Before you start dying, ensure to protect your surrounding area

Trust us, whenever you apply the dye, your surroundings usually get quite messy with that rainbow and other bright purple colors. So before you bring out your inner stylist, you must remove important things from the area where you are about to dye.

  • Step 3 Use shampoo to rinse your hair, then dry them with a towel

If you are wanting to have temporary or permanent dye, then they best suit damp and freshly washed hair. But the permanent dye is recommended to be followed by unwashed hair. Hence, to those who are washing their hair –you will benefit from the fading of any previous color with every wash. Plus, when you are done with your dyeing session, you don’t have to wash your hair a lot of times. And after dyeing, just soak up your hair with the help of a towel to remove excess moisture.

  • Step 4-Apply petroleum jelly on your hairline for skin safety

You should set a barrier by using petroleum jelly around your forehead area so that the dye stays away from your face. Also, cover the back and top of your ears along with the backside of the neck area.

  • Step 5-Prefer clips and comb for parting your hair

Now you have to comb your hair properly so that they get detangled easily. After that, divide your hair and add clips to each section. The amount of sections completely depends on the thickness and length of the hair. However, parting your hair effectively will help you in saturating every section with dye.

  • Step 6-If you are willing to dye all your head, then use the dye wholly

Although you can make use of your hand, it’s better to go with gloves. For getting an on-point application, you can use a foam craft brush or a paintbrush to spread the dye to your hair. Make sure you cover the front and the back sections with dye equally. After that, you need to clip the dyed section correctly, then proceed to the next section. Don’t stop till the time your whole hair gets covered with the hair dye.

  • Step 7- Use brush for covering in-sections to get subtle highlight

In case you want to dye particular hair sections, begin with parting all your hair with a clip, then use a brush to apply a purple hue. With the brush, you’ll be able to get detailed hair work. But while shampooing, some of the purple colors will get onto your hair. While you can minimize such risk by instantly cleansing the highlighted portions of your hair first.

  • Step 8- Wear a plastic wrap on your head and leave the hair dye for around 45 min

After you are done with dyeing your hair, use a shower cap or plastic wrap to cover all the hair and ensure that the dye stays as per the directions mentioned on the hair dye (usually it’s for 20 to 45 minutes). Nevertheless, prefer applying a non-toxic color that will make it easier for you to get a quality color in no time.

  • Step 9- Wash the dye with vinegar and cold water

As soon as the required application time finishes, take off the plastic wrap from your head and clean your hair with extra cool water. This procedure will take a little time, so don’t rush and remove the formula nicely. Apply vinegar on all your hair, then clean it thoroughly and use a conditioner. When you are done with all this, use a towel for drying your hair.

How to keep maintenance of purple hair?

After selecting from different purple hair dyes, when you are done with your dyeing session, you need to take extra care of them. This is necessary to maintain your hair for a longer time and that too with a bright color. Below we have mentioned some of the tips that you need to remind yourself every day.

  • Limit the use of shampoos

Don’t use shampoo very often. Whenever you cleanse your hair, you are unknowingly removing the purple hair color. So if you are someone who is a shampoo-lover, then we would suggest you minimize your shampooing routines to twice a week. Believe us, you will thank us later on.

  • Get yourself color-treated hair products

You must switch your hair care routines and try out color-treated hair items. Although they are costly, we guarantee that you won’t regret the results for sure.

  • Don’t use heat products

You better set a hair routine that doesn’t involve any kind of heat products such as hair straighteners or curlers. They just make your hair even drier, resulting in a weak appearance. However, you can simply let your purple hair dry all naturally and try hair rollers or braids to impart an organic look.

Moreover, if you want to use heat products at times, then they should entail heat-protectant property. And in case you go for a blow-dry, then prefer lesser volumes.

  • Weekly treatment with a mixture of conditioner and dye

Add conditioner into your purple hair color and use this mixture about every week. You can keep it secure in a container at room temperature or a cool place where it is far away from the light of the sun. Plus, let the formula stay till it fully absorbs into the hair.

  • Take out time for monthly touchups

Having unnatural hair isn’t an easy-peasy job. You will be needing touch-ups for your vibrant and radiant purple hair shade. That might be quite as easy as a root refresher or baby light application, but it’s required anyhow.

  • Nourish those locks

When you dye your hair, the moisture within them fades away. And so you have to invest a few bucks for getting a moisturizing treatment. With oil treatments, you can witness a boost of nourishing hydration easily. Apply a hair mask to get an awesome hair pampering experience. Moreover, to maintain your purple hair beautifully, you need to start such a routine at your earliest.

Different purple hair dye ideas for the perfect look

Purple hair color has been a part of the famous fashion runways and the trendy event looks. The unique color has always been able to get into the limelight. Plus, there are a variety of purple shades that can make your hair game go strong. So if you are hunting for inspirational ideas for your hair, then the following are different purple hair dyes that you can flaunt with confidence.

1. An amethyst and a lilac

This beautiful melt of burnt rose, amethyst, and lilac gives whimsical and feminine vibes. The awesome thing about this purple shade is that it has a glossy finish. Plus, if you want to coat more glossiness to this hair look, then you can spend a few dollars on a hydrating gloss spray as well.

2. Lavender purple hair

Lavender is almost every girl’s favorite purple shade. You can uplift this hair shade by adding voluminous curls to enjoy a sensual look.

3. Downtempo raisin

Your purple hair shade doesn’t necessarily need to be all vibrant and shimmery. After checking the downtempo raisin shade, you will forget all the other colors of purple and get this one right away. It is a blend of raisin ombre and deep violet that gives a subdued look. Moreover, the mid-sections, charcoal, and shadowed roots keep the hair appearance sophisticated and relaxed.

4. Orchid mirror purple color

This hair color is sure to turn many heads wherever you go. The volume of this deep orchid and lilac color lends your hair locks an incredible look. The opaque color of the purple shade gets more interesting when amplified with a glossy shine.

5. Banging pastels

You will adore this sassy yet sweet bang look of purple hair hue that is topped with pastel candy color. The coat of heather and violet mixes smoothly with pastel colors. Plus, you can ace a berry lip and soft wavy hair look with this purple color.

6. Platinum purple hair

This shade looks mysterious and dramatic at the same time. Platinum purple hair will help you in creating a mesmerizing impression in your selfies and life. Your hair color will complement the full makeup and elegant dress for sure.

7. Mauve hair shade

\This is an intense mauve hair shade with hues of brown and gray that are worth trying. If you are craving a “mature” rainbow shade, then go with nude lipstick, eyeliner, and brow mascara for completing the look.

8. Deep dark purple hair color

This one is just right for a thick and straight hair look. The fine geometric hairdo appears quite expressive and confident.

9. Bright purple shade

This hair shade is ravishing for photoshoots, ramp walks, festivals, and summertime. While re-doing the color for a fresh look is a must-have.

10. Purple and pink hair

This hairstyle best suits long hair. While purple and pink hair can be uplifted with a subtle straight or curly look in no time.

11. Vintage flair with a purple hair dye

=Give a modern hair twist by opting for vintage flair with a purple hair dye. This shade looks refreshing while medium-length hairdos gel pretty well with messier waves.

12. Eggplant hair shade

=This purple hue portrays the hearty, rich vegetarian colors of best-loved veggies. It is an impactful hair shade that best jams with natural intense hair or dark skin.

Neon purple color

If you are in your teens and looking for something funky to try, then neon purple is your color. This shade is also known as electric purple and is sure to energize your look with a fabulous hairstyle. Plus, you can pair it with highlights or ombre as well.

14. Babydoll purple hair shade

A girly and soft purple hue that is going to give you an all-rounder graceful appearance. We adore the wispy and gentle styling along with loose and breezy bangs.

15. Shock meadow purple

Magic happens when purple mixes with lavender and pink. You get a shade of shock meadow purple, which is a stunning look to embrace. In case you entail a wider face shape, the intense roots will make your face appear slimmer and longer. Moreover, the shades of shock meadow purple will give an attractive look to hazel, blue, and green eyes.

16. Unicorn purple hair

Who doesn’t love unicorns? After all, their colors are just so adorable to ignore. Unicorn purple shade is going to make your hairstyle routines fun and bright. Plus, this is best for dark hairs with bluish and pink hues.

17. Purple hairstreaks

=You can give a try to a purple blend of dark and light hair with highlights. If you have long hair, then purple streaks will look pretty good on your hair. You can pick a similar purple color for covering all the streaks or mix 2 to 3 variant hues.

18. Purple and red hair color

People who entail a passionate and artistic personality need to get this shade today. You can get purple and red hair colors for certain occasions or parties as well.

19. Purple hair framing style

This color scheme is going to help you get a unique kind of hair fashion.  Purple hair framing style is perfect for embracing beautiful-looking purple strands.

20. Purple shade for a restless look

All the girls who have curly hair often complain that they don’t get enough chances to experiment with their hair. But this hair look will provide you the freedom to look gorgeous from variant angles.

21. Indigo blend shade

Are you a fan of purple and blue? If that’s true, then indigo blend shade is screaming for your attention. You can just pick both blue and purple colors and apply the blended solution to your hair. And you are done!

22. Glossy purple color

To all the ladies who haven’t tried coloring their hair before –don’t worry, this shade is just made for you guys. But do keep one thing in mind –not all colors go with your skin tone (so be careful with that!). However, this purple glossy shade can never go wrong, so we will give it a thumbs up.

23. Cosmic purple hair hue

Are you someone who finds the cosmos quite fascinating? Well, they surely are! So give it a try on your hair now. Cosmic purple hair look is an eye-catching tricolor shade with a sprinkle of blue, magenta tips, and purple shine. Therefore, trust us, this is a bang-on choice.

24. Almost-white with purple shade

This purplish and white combo is terrific but requires a great amount of maintenance. You need to be delicate and use purple shampoo each day. So if you are cool with giving them extra doses of attention, then go for it.

25. Purple curly hair look

Your noodle-like hair will be pretty much happier after you impart variant purple shades to them. Prefer dividing the colors evenly and they will appear stylish.

26. Natural purple color

If you have a boy cut or ultra-short hair, then you would want to look simple. So natural purple hair is something that can give your hair a decent look. Plus, every time your hair grows, you can add other shades to them as well.

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