Eye makeup for red dresses: 7 Outstanding tips

High heels and perfect makeup; sum up a perfect evening look for a beautifully designed red dress. If you have been browsing through the internet to search for the best eye makeup look for red dresses, you have landed at the right place. Even though it gets overwhelming to choose the best accessories to go with a red dress if you choose the right ones you could end up being the belle of the ball.

With a red dress, there is a fine line between you looking like an over-ripened cherry or a feisty diva. This much power this color holds thereby, it needs a bold and vibrant look to pair with. Also, there are different shades of red color available out there so you should carefully decide which makeup look will complement your dress color. For your ease, we have rounded up some eye makeup looks for red dresses that will make you unzip your garment bag right away to flaunt your final look.

A hint of SparkleA slight hint of shimmer is all you need to create a soft look without overpowering your dress. When the shimmery eye is paired with flushed cheeks and rosy lips with gloss. It will create a natural and dimensional look altogether. Taylor Swift flaunted the same look with eyelids covered in a champagne tone shimmer. Feel free to play with soft color shimmers when planning to wear a red dress on your date night.

Smoke show

There is barely anyone out there who is not a fan of Kerry Washington’s styling sense. Her makeup looks are to die for. She recently paired a smokey eye look with nude glossy lips which were beautifully complementing her crimson cocktail dress. This soft smoke show is different from the regular smokey eyes look as it gives your eyes a definite shape. Just wear this look and let your eyes do the talking.

Metallic & Dewey

Red is a vibrant color, and it puts us in a tough situation to decide on a makeup look that perfectly goes with it. There are a few makeup combinations that always work well together. A metallic and dewy look is one of them. The metallic shadow adds shine to your eyes while the dewy skin gives a healthy and hydrating glow to your skin. All you need to do is take a waterproof eyeliner, apply it all around your eyes and then smudge it with light hands. Lastly, add a metallic shadow on top. For dewy skin, apply a liquid highlighter under the brow bone, on the tip of the nose, and the apple of the cheeks. Don’t forget to apply moisturizer and primer before creating this look.

Fierce eyes

Gabrielle Union’s fierce makeup look is all you need for your red dress. You can recreate this look by lining the eyes from top to bottom with jaw-dropping black shimmering eyeliner, meeting the outer edges in a prominent wing. Apply lots of mascara in the end as a finishing touch and pair it with nude glossy lips.

Warm Peachy Look

Jennifer Lopez never disappoints when it comes to carrying soft makeup looks. This warm peachy look and bronze undertone go perfectly well with each other. This is a perfect example of a look to carry with any red dress. There’s no rocket science behind creating this look, just swap your regular blush with a bronzer and apply it at the edges of your eyes to make them pop.

Clear skin with Dark lips

The way Jamie Chunk beautifully wore dark lips on clear skin shows you can go with minimal makeup and can still look flawless. The best thing about this look is, you don’t need to have extraordinary makeup skills to recreate it. Just put on a voluminous pair of lashes with dark lipstick and berry blush and you are ready to go.

 Silver eyes and matte lips

Once again Lady Gaga has shocked everyone with her jaw-dropping makeup look consisting of silver eyes and matte lips. If you are planning to do it yourself, you can use a silver liner to create a sharp wing or can use a silver shadow and blend it to the brow exactly as she is wearing. The shimmering shine of silver along with the vibrant red lips give us everything that we want for a full glam look. It will go amazing with your red gown and would look divine if paired with high heels.

Undoubtedly, red is the color one must wear if they want to make a bold statement. Though, it is very tricky to pick up a perfect eye makeup look for red dresses because if you do not make the right choice, you will end up losing the charm of your dress. But now you don’t have to worry anymore because we have diligently picked up these makeup looks for you to save you from future catastrophes. Try them out, you won’t regret it.

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