After mixed: How long is hair dye good for your scalp

How long is hair dye good for your scalp? Should you apply it after mixing it and leaving it open for a day or more? Can the mixture sustain that long while offering the same utility? If you have been looking for answers to these questions, then the lady luck is in your favor. You have come to the right place as here you will find all the details you need.

There’s a general perception that once mixed, a hair dye would lose its effectiveness within 30 minutes. Simply put, after the said time, the hair dye won’t dye your hair.

Adults regardless of their age use hair dyes – either as a fashion statement or to hide their age. Whatever the reason maybe, certainly no one wants to damage their hair or scalp – perhaps this is why you are looking for an answer to the question “how long is hair dye good for you?” Before dipping your hair into the new color make sure that you have read the instructions on the back of the product or inside it. Also check the expiry date and most important of all – if you have selected the right hair dye for you. If your skin is sensitive then do a patch-test first. If your skin doesn’t react to that, then you are good to go.

Let’s get back to the question.

Keep a check on time

keep check on time

Indeed, dying your hair somehow enhances your overall look. It is just equivalent to having a magic wand in your hand. But you must be careful while using this magic on yourself. As its results can prove to be bitter or sweet; depending on the method you try.

From the moment you open the pack of hair dye till you apply it, every second counts. If you are experimenting with your hair for the first time, then I’ll advise you to go through the label of instructions available on the backside of the product. Be very careful that once mixed, you have to apply the dye within a specific time period.

Once mixed with the developer, most of the hair dyes would be effective for the next 30 minutes. It is assumed that the peroxide is a basic constituent of the mixture and it quickly reacts when it gets exposed to oxygen. So you have to apply it within that particular period. However, this time limit may vary for some products, so do check the instructions. Once you are certain about the effectiveness of the hair dye, it will hardly take half an hour to apply the dye to your hair. But if you are a newbie to dying, then you can also take help from someone.

Techniques to apply hair dye effectively

There are certain techniques, which if followed, can produce desired results. Follow the techniques mentioned below to get the look you have been wanting for so long.

Choose the right hair color changer

right hair color changer

When browsing, you need to do a little research about the product you wish to buy. Being aware of the properties is an essential factor for your hair care. Some hair colors don’t last long. Consulting with an expert or a stylist is always a safe option. It will help you to decide the appropriate hair dye product you need. You can also use the hair dye after two days of mixing, if only the color product is trustworthy and of professional quality.

You should take safety measures before applying the mixture to your scalp. A mixed hair dye has certain chemical elements that can cause harm to your skin. Therefore, wearing gloves is mandatory while you are applying the mixture to your hair.

Prepare your hair

prepare your hair

Preparing your hair beforehand should always be the first step in your rule book to dye your hair.  Because parting your hair can take a long time and the mixture starts reacting as soon as the developer is added into it. Certainly, it becomes a lengthy process when you have chosen to do the dye through cap highlights; as tugging your hair out of the cap’s holes takes time. I am sharing honest advice here; if you want amazing results through the dye, then you can also take an appointment from any professional stylist.

Make the right volume

make the right volume

While deciding on the volume, you need to consider two ways that can help you balance the amount of mixture on your hair.

Firstly, prefer a certain quantity, as adding the developer in bulk will lead to wastage of mixture and the solution will not be much strong after a certain point. Hence, reusing the mixture for the next coating will be of no use. Therefore, an appropriate amount is essential to use.

Secondly, breaking the dying process into two divisions is a tremendous way to sustain the quality of the mixture. This particular trick works pretty well as the mixture is divided into two halves. In the first step, you can assemble half of the mix and apply it to your hair. Then on the next step, apply the other portion to your hair. You must note that while preparing the other side of the mixture, let the earlier half mixture penetrate. After a 20 minutes’ time gap, you can apply it on the other side on the roots and corners too.

Using plastic and wood to prepare the mix

plastic and wood

How long is a hair dye good for you depends on how you apply it once mixed. The usage of plastic and wood also plays a crucial role. You should always go for plastic or wooden bowls instead of using metal bowls for preparing the mixture. This will enhance the overall effectiveness of the hair dye and you can easily get your desired look.

Certainly, you must be crystal clear about the longevity of hair dye mixtures. The above guide was all about assisting your queries regarding the hair dye.

However, do read the product description mentioned at the back of your product. Each line is an indicator of the outcome that you will receive from the product. Therefore, act wisely as your hair is a strong indicator of your overall appearance.

I hope that till now you are fully ensured regarding the time it takes for a hair dye mixture to produce desirable results. If you think that you have found the answer to your question how long is hair dye good for you, then share this article with others to spread the information. Remember, knowledge grows when shared.

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