How to do French tips at home: Take care of your hands from the comfort of your home

Most of us set appointments to get manicure service at the spa. But what if you are not able to manage one? Just imagine it for a second, you have to go to a party at the eleventh hour, and your nails aren’t beautified enough to look good. What will you do? Well, skipping the event isn’t the solution at all, therefore, we will tell you about how to do French tips at home.

Everyone knows, French manicure excels at adding glam to your nails. You can choose, clear or pink base coat, and follow it up with white nail paint on the tips. Nevertheless, experiment with whatever you like on your nails, be it acrylics, gels, or anything. Without further ado, let’s delve into, how to do French tips at home.

Grooming nails

Step # 1: Get rid of the old nail paint – Before starting your manicure, make sure you clean your nails properly. If you have old paint on your nails, then remove it, while ensuring that you don’t leave any paint on the corners or sides.

  • Are you considering having a French manicure on the tip while wearing acrylics? If yes, then pick a quality nail polish remover, but ensure that it doesn’t stay on your nails for an extended time.

Tidbit: Avoid using nail polish removers that have chemicals, such as acetone nail paint remover.

Step # 2: Big or normal-sized nails – Don’t trim your nails too short, French manicure looks good on relatively longer nails. Make sure that all your nails have equal size when trimming them.

Step # 3: Polish, buffer, and filler for nails – You can add a smooth finish to your nails through a filler. Shape it according to your choice, round or square. Lastly, polish the sides of your nails with a nail buffer.

  • while using fillers and buffers, be gentle to your nails.

Step # 4: Prep nails with water – Dip your hands into mild water for around 3 minutes. After that, use a napkin to dry your hands. This will help to add softness to your cuticles.

Step # 5: Rollback cuticles – It is important to push your cuticles back, or else they can become a home for germs. To prepare it further, you can pamper your cuticles with oil as well.

Sprinkling magic with a nail polish

Step # 1: Prepare a base coat – Before you are going to use nail polish, it is essential to top it with a base coat.  You can use a brush to apply the paint to all your nails. This will help in setting a smooth basecoat. You can pick from clear, cream, or pale pink colors for the basecoat.

  • You can opt for different colors, in case your mind changes to switch from French manicure’s cream or pink colors.
  • To attain the best results, buy any French manicure kits that are available in the market.
  • As soon as you are done with the formula application, wait for the base to get dry, apply the second coat once the first coat dries.

Step # 2: Applying white nail polish on the nail tips –

Set a white nail polish base on the tip of your nails. Let the tips dry and see if there is a need for any further coating.

  • After application of the white nail polish on tips, you can clean your cuticles with a nail polish remover pen.
  • If you are not sure about using the tape, then look for the nail guides or painter’s tape.
  • You can follow the instructions written on the French manicure kit. On the contrary, you can also use scotch tape for getting a cleaner white tip for your nails.

Step # 3: Adding a topcoat – After you are done coloring the tip of nails, apply a topcoat.

Step # 4: Nails prepared with a French manicure – Now your nails are ready to look beautiful. Don’t forget to follow all the steps about how to do French tips at home, to get the best results.

Till then, prep your nails with care!

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