How to draw on eyebrows without looking fake: Interesting hacks for acing a natural look

You can’t turn a blind eye to the fact that your eyebrows can either make or break your overall look. While none of us wants to look into the mirror and scream after seeing a clown with bushy and unnatural eyebrows. Therefore, the right technique to keep your brows in shape is a piece of must-have knowledge.

I talked about, tweezing and threading sessions, then they can lead to uneven eyebrows, if not shaped properly. While bulldozing your eyebrows with unnatural makeup products is also not a good option. Hence, the methods to learn how to draw on eyebrows without looking fake becomes essential.

What to do with the brows?

You can shape your eyebrows in whatever way you want and amplify a natural look by just adding certain tools, shades, and tactics to your routines.

Many people hustle a lot to find the right tool and methd for enhancing their eyebrows. Hence, it’s hard to come across a product that can draw on eyebrows without looking fake.

Don’t worry, we are about to reveal how you can draw your eyebrows.

Let’s delve into them!

How to draw eyebrows – Brow gel

An eyebrow gel can act as a lifesaver when it comes to drawing your brows with an effective tool.

Surprisingly, through a brow gel, you can get a good-to-go look with a quicker process.

Look into the below steps for a brow gel finish

  • First, get rid of unwanted hair on your eyebrows. Grab a tweezer and pull off the hair that is distorting the shape of your eyebrow. This will help in getting a cleaner base for your eyebrows.
  • Select a darker or fuller eyebrow look according to your preference. On the contrary, you can opt to keep them simply managed as well. If you have chosen the second idea, then grasp your shaded brow gel to sprinkle magic on your brows. Also, not to miss, your brush shouldn’t congest with the product at all or else it will result in a tacky appearance.
  • Applying a concealer below your brow bone will result in a finished and clean look.

How to draw eyebrows – Eyebrow powder

You can get a sharp-free look with an eyebrow powder.

With this technique, you can get an all-natural look without overdoing your eyebrows. To know how to do it, keep reading;

Look into the below steps for a powder finish

  • Get a thin brush that will help you to spread the powder on your eyebrows evenly and in the correct angle. Next, pick a suitable shade according to your skin color. We suggest you go for a lighter eyebrow color, as this will help to blend your eyebrows with a natural touch-up.
  • After you are done hunting for an appropriate tool and shade. Then, the straight-trick is to start from the middle of your eyebrow with a bold shade. Further, fill the imperfect parts and follow this process until you reach to both ends of your brows.
  • Next, use a dimmer shade to outline your eyebrows and you are ready to fleek with your sharp eyebrow look.

Bingo hack: If you are short of the right shades, then you can always switch to its alternative – eyeshadows.

How to draw eyebrows – Eyebrow pencil

You can initiate the process by stroking your eyebrow’s hair on the extrinsic side. Likewise, get an eyebrow pencil that fits excellently to your hair shade.

However, newly dyed hair color individuals can take advantage of such a trick as well. So go for a dim pencil, if you have dull-colored hair.

Look into the below steps for an eyebrow pencil finish

Stroke all your eyebrow hair in its natural position. Next, use an eyebrow pencil to add a natural-looking hair follicle line to get a balanced result. Make sure you position the line along with the natural hair direction, or else the look may start looking fake.

Before we conclude, we need to give you a pro tip. There are numerous high-quality eyebrow pencils available in the market that showcase a smooth blend. So make sure to add them to your beauty regimen.

Lastly, above are the top three methods to draw on eyebrows without looking fake. We hope that this guide addressed your query properly.

Till then, own your eyebrows with confidence!


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