Struggling to achieve a more balanced look? Here’s how to get a smaller forehead via simple hacks

Can you relate to the disappointment following multiple failed attempts of gracefully carrying a much-desired hairstyle? If yes, welcome to “clan of the unfortunate”. If no, you have no idea how lucky you are!

The irony is that inability to look good in a particular type of hairdo is not just a result of bad styling, hair texture or unfamiliarity with the method to achieve that look. Sometimes, facial features like the size of our forehead also make certain hairstyles look highly inappropriate on our face. No wonder, why so many people ask how to get a smaller forehead?

During the high-school days, we were all obsessed with finding an answer to the above question.

Being naturally gifted with an unusually large forehead, one would have struggled with ways to make it appear smaller-at least in pictures. She would have tried every technique anyone would tell her ranging from getting her hair cut a certain way to contour her face. In fact, at one point in time, she would have become so conscious that she might have considered opting for surgery to get her forehead narrowed down.

However, after years of experience and practice, we now know how to get a smaller forehead via some simple hacks which have been tried and tested.

We will be sharing those methods with you because having been in the same boat, we do understand that the struggle is real.

Select an appropriate hairstyle

Did you know the way you style your hair can greatly impact how much of your forehead is exposed, thus making it look big or small accordingly?

To understand this, imagine your look in a ponytail. Do you now understand what we are trying to convey? Combing your hair backward and tying it tightly makes an already large forehead even more prominent whereas the goal is to make your facial features appear more balanced.

Therefore, the following are the hairstyles we would suggest for someone wishing to cover their forehead.


Bangs is a type of haircut in which the hair directly falls on the face, thus covering it partially. There are different types of bangs ranging from straight, blunt ones to side bangs. Straight bangs fall directly on the forehead, thus forming an outline around the face which makes it appear smaller. Side bangs, as the name suggests, are longer in length (till the chin) and if not pinned up, would cover an entire side of the face, including even the area around the eyes. They are a more suitable choice for someone who wants to maintain longer hair length.

To better understand this haircut, check out the following pictures:

Straight Bangs

Side Bangs

Loose fringes

Fringes are similar to bangs, but they just have longer sides which allow them to cover a large forehead even better.

Wear headbands when tying your hair

Doing chores with hair locks falling on the face may be irritating especially during summer months. Therefore, tying up your hair may be necessary at times. When tying your hair backwards, a good idea is to wear a headband which may partially cover your large forehead.

Apply foundation strategically

When discussing how to get a smaller forehead, another useful trick may be using a foundation in such a way that it helps conceal the extra-large forehead. In order to do this, you will need a shade that is a touch darker than your natural skin tone. Apply that shade on the hairline and temples and then blend it perfectly.

Use a bright-colored blush

As surprising as it may sound, wearing a bright-colored blusher, may deflect the viewers’ attention from the forehead. we would suggest using shades in peach or rosy tones. You should apply the blush on cheeks, and then move upwards to give the face a slightly elevated look. This hack may be further complemented by the use of a bronzer (again, one that is a touch darker than your skin tone) to contour the forehead.

Use a bright lip color

As you may have noticed, most of our suggestions regarding how to get a smaller forehead are actually aimed at creating illusions that would just make your forehead appear smaller, rather than actually requiring you to go through the pains of physical surgery.

Another one of our secret tricks is to apply bright lip color. This again helps in diverting the attention from your forehead by enhancing the volume of your face’s lower portion.

Shape your eyebrows the right way

Did you know the way you shape your eyebrows can actually help in making your forehead appear smaller?

High arched, angular eyebrows are the simplest means to achieve your desired look.

Now that we have shared all our secrets of making a big forehead appear smaller, we hope they will help all those facing a similar issue. These simple tricks will solve the problem of an unbalanced look that resulted even after multiple attempts of self-grooming.

However, before jumping on to use these tricks, first ensure that you have a large forehead. A forehead that is up to 25% of the length of your face is considered normal. Anything larger than that would be considered large.

We would advise not to unnecessarily fret over a normal-size forehead. Even if you have a large forehead, the solution has just been presented, so relax and continue looking awesome.

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