How to get the best lighting for makeup vanity?

Doing makeup is a task in itself and if you don’t have the proper lighting, then you can bid adieu to the flawless look you are looking for. Therefore, it is always advised to invest in the best lighting for makeup vanity, because it surely is going to help you get the perfect look you want. If you are doing last-minute makeup in a bar’s bathroom for a party, then you have no control over there but surely for the makeup vanity room in your home, you have absolute control. So make full use of your room and get the best lighting.

Let this article be your guide to find anything and everything about the best lighting for makeup vanity, so that the next time you step out of your home for any event, you look just the way you want.

Importance of lighting

Make-up artists can’t emphasize enough about the significance of lighting when it comes to applying makeup. Some entertainment industry experts highlight the significance of makeup lighting by going so far as to suggest that lighting is more significant than the makeup they are applying.

Natural lighting is the greatest illumination for makeup. Using the correct mixture of light fixtures, bulbs, and kelvin temperatures, the goal is to imitate the benefits of natural lighting indoors. We’ll go over the essentials of how to produce sufficient light for makeup application. After that, we’ll suggest some best lighting for makeup vanity for you.

The best lighting for makeup vanity

  • Bathroom Vanity Lighting
  • Color Temperature
  • Elimination of Shadows
  • Lumens

Bathroom Vanity LightingWhen shopping for lighting for your bathroom vanity, look for a light fixture that will provide the greatest lighting for doing makeup.

Color temperature

The Kelvin scale is used to measure color temperature. On the packaging of every bulb sold, you can find the color temperature it will produce. These colors vary from warm (yellow) to cool (blue). Before continuing, it’s a good idea to gather information about the Kelvin color temperature scale.

A temperature of at least 5000k is required for the best makeup lighting. This will be a better representation of the natural light impact we mentioned previously.

Elimination of shadows

When you consider good lighting from outside, you’ll see that the light is equally distributed and there are no dark places. We would want you to replicate that impression in your bathroom and anywhere you apply makeup daily.

One of the issues we see with these kinds of light fixtures or vanity lighting is that the light source is often right in front of your face. When it comes to applying makeup to the base of your nose, this is ideal. When you notice shadows on the sides of your cheeks, it’s not so satisfying. If you are wondering which fixture to buy, you should look for something that could give lighting from a variety of angles and, ideally, around you.

If you’re planning to modify the lighting in your bathroom, make sure that the entire project is focused on providing optimal illumination for makeup application. If you start by choosing and installing the correct recessed lighting, the problem with shadows will be considerably less of an issue.

If you want to buy a makeup lighting fixture to put on a table in your bedroom, the fixture you choose is really important. The illumination for most bedrooms is low, and there are only a few table lamps or light sources, so if you’re going to get a makeup fixture, make sure it’s as wide as necessary to avoid shadows.


Lumens are the important thing to consider when assessing whether you have adequate makeup lighting or not. Lumens are a unit of measurement for the quantity of light emitted by a bulb or fixture. Brightness was measured in watts years ago when every light bulb was incandescent. We would see a 60-watt bulb and immediately know what further light it will provide.

But the arrival of halogen, fluorescent, and LED bulbs have finally changed the lighting game. We discovered that all of the other bulb selections provide varying levels of lights (lumens) while using the same quantity of watts. That’s why, when it comes to energy savings, we only consider watts, whereas lumens would be used to determine how much light we can expect from that bulb or fixture.

Avoid these lighting mistakes at all cost

Here are a few examples of how makeup lighting can go wrong.

Down lighting

Remember how you used to scare your friends when you were a kid, by holding a flashlight under your chin to look scary? Well, this is the same thing but in reverse. Down lighting shines down on wrinkles and casts a shadow under the eyes, making you look instantly older.

Fluorescent lighting

For obvious reasons, stay away from fluorescent lights. That’s not just you, nobody looks good in it, and we mean nobody. A fluorescent light source is harsh and uncompromising. It produce unattractive lighting and you may feel compelled to add too much foundation, bronzer, or blush to make up.

Pink light

Rosy light can indeed make skin look healthy and alive, but it’s all a lie. Due to our radiant appearance in this lighting, we tend to slack on the concealer, only to later realize that we missed a blaring blemish or dark spot.

Yellow light

The yellow light will make you look unwell causing you to overuse concealer and powder during an attempt to tone your complexion and hide dark spots.

Purchase the appropriate bulbs

Choosing the right bulb or lighting source is critical for creating a perfect atmosphere for the makeup application. The Efficient GE Energy ($10) light is excellent in 75 and 100 watts.

Dimmers are another great option to modify and personalize your lighting atmosphere in the bathroom. If you don’t want to change the lighting where you have to do your makeup, instead buy a good makeup mirror, such as Simple Human’s 8″ Sensor Mirror ($172), Conair’s 7x Magnified Lighted Makeup Mirror ($27), both of which have LED lights.

The most effective method for bathroom lighting

A warm or natural light source is ideal to apply makeup. Your reflection will be accurate in natural sunshine, but on windy days when pure rays are not available warm white light, such as LED, would be the next smartest idea. While accurately distributing light across your face, it closely replicates the color range of natural light.

To ensure that the light uniformly diffuses across your entire face, utilize cross illumination or side lighting when putting lights on your bathroom. Make sure the lights are not just above the mirror. They will light up your brows, pushing you to tilt your head too far up and making precise makeup application impossible.

Bottom Line

Using the information given, we are certain that you will now have an idea how to get the best lighting for makeup vanity. It doesn’t matter which lighting source you use, but using it the right way is the only thing that matters. If you find this guide helpful, do share it among your friends or family to help them as well.

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