An expert guide on how to get toner out of hair

If you have ended up messing up your hair, or if you are not satisfied with the after-effects of the toner, then you have come to the right place. We will guide you on how to get toner out of hair.

Certainly, it feels no less than a nightmare, when your toner spoils your hair. After all, a toner is usually used to give a natural finish to your hair. However, there is no guarantee of it being suitable for every hair color. This is the reason many people end up with a messy look.

Of course, you don’t have to worry as there are dozens of solutions that you can opt for to remove different types of toner. If you have thought about changing your mind regarding the earlier applied toner because you are not satisfied, then stick with us to discover the possibilities of getting a toner out of your hair.

Basic insight about hair toner

A toner allows the hair color to be corrected or customized. It is used during a specialist color treatment to incorporate organic or more visible tones. It boosts the tone of your hair as a whole. How? By producing a polished look that is competent. Hair needs to be pre-lightened or dyed first in exchange for the toner to have a lasting impact on your hair.

The timespan of toner on your hair

This depends on how frequently you rinse your hair. The less you wash your locks, the longer the color remains. The toner can survive between 2 to 6 weeks based on your hair quality. The hair which has already gone through a toner treatment resists the color for a shorter time.

The decision to strip the toner

If you want to switch to a chemical solution, you will have to pay the price, especially when it’s about your hair. If you are not self-satisfied with the result of your toner, then it’s high time you switch to other alternatives. Surely, you must be thinking about, how to get toner out of hair? We have accumulated some tricks for you.

Do make sure to follow the proper hair care routine to ensure that your hair remain smooth and shiny.

On the contrary, you can give a recall to your decision as well. Because if it’s not disturbing you much. Then, we’ll suggest you wait for its color to fade on its own. As toner color vanishes overtime. But it might take around a month to transform into its natural state.

The preferred solution – Shampoo and baking soda

 Yes, you heard it right!

A shampoo can help you get rid of the toner in your hair. But regular shampoos won’t be of any use here. You should prefer a blend of shampoo and baking soda for beneficial results.

Have you heard of clarifying shampoo? They are primarily used to detach dirt and sebum from the hair. Likewise, they can help you to remove the hair color too. This is a befitting solution to remove toner from your hair.

You can apply the shampoo only twice a week, because it will lead your scalp to get dry and the natural shine will erode. With the passage of time, you will notice that the color has faded.

Ever wondered, an anti-dandruff shampoo to be your savior for such situations?

Why not? They have amazing properties other than just removing flakes! They supplement the scalp with medication. It can be a good choice for stripping the toner out of your hair without causing much harm to the scalp. To get maximum benefits out of a dandruff shampoo, you have to cleanse your hair several times to get rid of the unwanted toner.

The only ointment that you need at the moment is a mixture of shampoo and baking soda. This will double the chances of benefit that can be derived. Thus, this particular mixture will act as a bonus recipe for the removal of toner.

To make this mixture, you will need only one tablespoon of baking soda. Add this magical ingredient to the shampoo. Apply this solution to your hair. After washing your hair ensure the paste is fully washed away from the scalp.

Indeed, baking soda is a perfect remedy for getting rid of the toner but it has its side effects as well. Therefore, you have to take good care of your scalp moisturizing routine.

The prescribed solution – Lemon juice

You must have heard about the benefits of lemon juice. Perhaps, it is a multi-tasker. With its rich properties, it has made it to our guide for removing toner from hair. This is a recommended hack that will assist you in getting your hair tonner-free. To get quick results, you should apply it within 2 days after you have used the toner.

Thinking of how to apply it to your hair?

Well, it’s not that much cumbersome. You only have to add lemon juice to a high-quality conditioner. Use 2-3 lemons to extract the juice. Do consider the length of your hair while applying the mixture. Apply this combo mixture to your hair roots equally for effective results.

Leaving the mixture overnight on your hair is an amazing hack that is proven to show quick results. Meanwhile, covering your head with a plastic bag also helps the solution to penetrate deep into the roots. Use this mixture to get rid of the toner in no time.

The process solution – Chelate

Have you ever come across the word, chelate?

Chelating is a method that is used by many individuals, solely to get rid of the harmful chemicals that dye or other hair color products leave behind. Usually, people use this process before dying their hair, but it can also be used to remove the toner from your hair.

There is a particular 4-step method that you need to follow for getting the desired result from chelate.

  • Clean and rinse your hair with dish soap
  • Squash a lemon onto your head
  • Let the lemon juice stay in your hair for around 1 to 2 minutes
  • Clean the lemon juice properly and then use a conditioner

Measures taken after the toner is removed

When you have picked a particular ingredient to get rid of your hair toner, there exists a chance of your scalp getting dry.  This is an anticipated side effect, sadly, and it could make your hair feel thin and delicate.

Once you have removed the unwanted toner from the hair, you have to care for your hair, or else your hair will get damaged. You can follow these tips for your hair care:

  • Almond and coconut oil are the best option for you, if you want to rectify the damage that is caused by the removal of toner. Just apply these oils to your scalp before going to sleep. Repeat this process every week
  • You should not use any other dyes for a while. As our hair takes time to repair from the damage that was caused earlier. Therefore, it is important to wait for approximately a month. If you won’t give your hair some time to rebound, then it may result in hair loss
  • Using a conditioner is always a good option to attain the lost moisture. You can buy any conditioner that suits your hair

It is true, that there is no hard and fast rule for getting rid of the toner. Hence, the answer to your question, How to get toner out of hair”, it’s tricky and it will take time for you to get rid of hair toner. Do apply these hacks and you never know one of them might lead you to have flawless, shiney, and silky hair.


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