How to heal cracked lip corners fast: 9 Natural remedies

Have you ever witnessed any red blotches or cracks at the corner of your lips? Did you scribble the internet on, how to heal cracked lip corners fast? If not, then it’s high time you introduce yourself to the term “angular cheilitis.” Those aching and strange marks are indicators of cheilitis lips.

Angular cheilitis is an infection that occurs at the corners of your lips. It is also called cracked lip corners.

Usually, it starts when the corners of the lips start itching. Then there might come a certain point when it takes a severe turn. Most people suffer from cheilitis lips in winters.

It is also said that sun exposure is harmful to cracked lip corners, so refrain from exposing your skin to the sun.

If you are looking for an answer to your question: “How to heal cracked lip corners fast,” then we have got a solution to your query.

We have listed the following healing remedies for your assistance:


Ever wondnered that the solution is within your kitch?

Honey entails some amazing properties that help to curb infections easily. A 15-minute application of honey on the angular cheilitis will give you the best results in a quick time.

Castor Oil

It’s presumed to be the most rewarding remedy for cracked lip corners. Moreover, its antibacterial property fights dryness and redness that occurs on the affected skin. Primarily, castor oil is strong but you can also add tea tree oil before applying to your cracked lips.


If you wish to reduce the soreness on the cracked lip, then cucumber is the best remedy for you. You just have to chop cucumber into slices and then gently exfoliate on the angular cheilitis once a day. Undoubtedly, you will receive a positive result.


Yogurt tops the list for the best remedy on, how to heal cracked lip corners fast!

 The probiotics assist in the organic maintenance and balance of organisms in the body. While it is a cure for itchiness and acts as a therapeutic agent for cracked lip edges.

Furthermore, yogurt entails no harmful properties when it comes to cure angular cheilitis. You must include yogurt in your daily diet for a speedy recovery.

Aloe-Vera Gel

Aloe Vera offers one of the best recipes for angular cheilitis. To get the best results, you must use cold Aloe Vera gel. While applying it on the cracked lip corners make sure you don’t rub it for too long. Just apply it twice or thrice and then let it dry for around 15-20 minutes.

Coconut Oil

This organic treatment brings quick relief from the pain that is caused by angular cheilitis.

Nevertheless, its antimicrobial features assist in preventing bacteria. Meanwhile, the combination of Coconut Oil and Almond Oil also helps in multiplying the effectiveness. Coconut Oil is an all-rounder for not only cracked lip corners but also for skin nourishment.

Neem Leaves

Are you aware of the amazing properties that Neem tree entails? The Neem leaves might just seem like ordinary leaves. But in reality, it’s an effective natural remedy for angular cheilitis.

Wondering how you will benefit from Neem leaves?

To get rid of cracked lip corners, you only have to crush the leaves properly so that you can extract the juice. Then apply the extracted juice on the affected part of your lipsRepeat the same hack twice or thrice a week.

Moisturizers and Lip Balms

Unflavored lip balms, like petroleum jelly, are a good way to secure your cracked lip corners from bacteria. Furthermore, the substances included in a moisturizer or balm are usually listed on the package. Do check out the ingredients before using them for your angular cheilitis. You can use this hack twice a day

Handmade Mixture

This homemade mixture is a time tested remedy for cracked lip corners.

Take ½ tablespoon petroleum jelly, 1 tablespoon of Vitamin E oil, and a tablespoon of Tea Tree Oil. Combine them to form a mixture. Apply it on your cracked lip corners. This particular healing ointment will provide you a soothing effect.


You can never comprehend a particular reason for angular cheilitis or concluding to one single cause won’t be fair enough. It is said that if greater moisture is witnessed on your lips then there will be high chances of getting cracked lip corners. Thus, there are natural and prebiotic methods to cater to such an infection. Undoubtedly, it can be cured easily through homemade remedies.

People don’t care about cracked lip corners that much. They don’t take any precautions either. As the infection-angular cheilitis can get unpleasant if proper treatment is not taken.

Do follow the recommended home remedies as these are the best-shortlisted natural products that can help you get rid of your cracked lip corners. But do consult a doctor if these are not effective enough to address your problem.


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