How to highlight hair at home without a kit: A nourishing solution for alternatives

When it comes to the kingdom of hair color products, coming across a pool of options is quite obvious. You can grasp any dye or coloring kit to get a dreamy look for your hair. But, what if you are unable to get a kit for yourself? In such a case, you should always have a backup plan to work upon.

To ensure everything is hunky-dory, we are here to assist you on how to highlight hair at home without a kit. So, stick to this guide.

However, if talked about highlighting and coloring kits, then it involves many devil-like chemicals that can flush away the natural shine from your hair. Therefore, we have come up with inexpensive and healthy home remedial solutions.

Pro-tip # 1: The method to color your hair should primarily depend on the type of highlights you pick

So, how to highlight hair at home without a kit?

If highlighting your hair without a color kit is an option, then you can switch to either a silicon cap or scattered highlights. We will be delving deeply into these techniques further.

Are you baffled, because you haven’t tried them before? Don’t worry, we have got your back, so get ready to prep your hair like a pro!

Create highlights through a silicon cap

If you are a perfectionist who’s craving for a prim proper parlor-like hair color at home, then through the silicon cap you can fulfill such a need.

Basic recipe

  • Crochet needle (2mm)
  • Silicone highlighting cap
  • Ash-blonde dye
  • A developer with volume – 10 and 30
  • Bleach powder
  • Essentials (towel, brush, and gloves)

Following are the steps to ace a ravishing look

  • Firstly, comb your hair and wear the cap with ease.
  • Try plucking out your hair horizontally through the cap by the crochet needle. Be gentle to your scalp, and pull small hair that is just under the holes of the cap.
  • Assure that all the roots are nicely covered to get bleached.
  • After wearing gloves, develop a smooth mixture of 30 volume developer and bleach.
  • Apply the blended material onto the plucked-out hair strands. Make sure to keep a notice on attaining a yellow color.
  • Further, when a yellow shade appears, head over for a light bath for creating tonality to the highlights.
  • Now, you only need a shampoo, ash-blond dye, and a tbsp of developer for a volume 10.
  • Lastly, use the solution onto your small pieces of bleached hair. After the undesirable color fade-away, wash your hair while having a cap on your face.

Pro-tip # 2: When you have followed the above technique, then take off your cap softly, to avoid any damage to your hair

Create scattered highlights without a color kitBasic recipe

  • developer with volume – 10 and 30
  • Bleach powder
  • Ash-blonde dye
  • Essentials (Comb and gloves)

Following are the footsteps to guide you through

  • Initially, untangle your hair, part them in four portions from the head’s back and six portions from the head’s front.
  • After dividing hair neatly through a comb, plait every portion, and then pull out some thin hair. Further, repeat this for every side of your hair. It should appear as an unbalanced plait.
  • Then put on gloves to formulate a fine blend of developer for a volume 30 (2 lumps) and bleach powder (1 lump). Moreover, when the formula is made, apply it to the leftover strands.
  • Wait for around thirty minutes to get the required bleaching results. Simultaneously, keep an eye on the changing of hair color as well.
  • If you have gotten yellow shade, then wash your hair without unlocking your plates.
  • Grab a plastic bowl, and combine 10 volume developer (same amount of the earlier used developer), little drops of shampoo, and one-fourth of the tube of ash.
  • Apply the formula on the bleached hair and wait till the color becomes even.
  • If you witness a blonde color, then untie your plaits and rinse your hair with shampoo.

Pro-tip # 3: After having a dye session, try a routine of implementing

conditioners and creams to add moisture to your hair

It is usually said, opting for the color kit is not a good idea, as your hair gets exposed to a vast number of chemicals. Therefore, our alternative solutions are sure to sprinkle wonders into your hair colors.

Furthermore, we hope that this guide helped you with how to highlight hair at home without a kit, easily.

Till then, embrace happy hair color days!


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