How to make your eyelashes stay curled: The basic long-lasting hacks

We all love curly eyelashes. It’s time to make a bold statement with your curled eyelashes. But to have curly eyelashes stay for longer is a struggle that we all have endured.


Beautifully curled eyelashes can add shimmers to your overall look. Therefore, you need to know how to make your eyelashes stay curled.

What to do? Avoiding the problem won’t make any difference. What you can do is, look up for the possible hacks and alternatives. How to make your eyelashes stay curled? This is not rocket science, just follow the hacks mentioned in this article, and you are good to go.

Trick No.1 – Winging it with a waterproof mascara


One of the best ways to make your eyelashes look bigger is to use waterproof mascara before applying your regular mascara. It tends to hold a strong grip within your lashes. This is a time-tested trick that many famous bloggers use.

Trick No.2 – Sectioning eyelashes in parts for longer curls

long curls

To make your eyelashes stay curled, you can use an eyelash curler. All you have to do is to gently place it on your lashes, and move it through your eyelashes. While assuring your eyelashes embrace a curly look, remember to treat the lashes with a delicate touch. Be careful not to damage your eye.

Moreover, apply mascara after you are done with curling your eyelashes.

Trick No.3 – Simultaneously dealing with curling lashes and applying mascara


This hack sounds like a hard nut to crack, especially, if you can’t control your hand movement. At first, it might seem hard to follow, so hold your horses.

We want you to be prepared as this trick is sure to mess with your eyes. If you end up spreading mascara all over your eye, wash your eyes with water.

To make your eyelashes stay curled for a longer time period, try applying mascara and eyelash curler at the same time.

All you need to do is to hold a mascara in your right hand and a curler in your left and apply them simultaneously to get the desired results.

This trick may work well for a few women. Meanwhile, some of them may find it difficult. It depends on how you control your hand movement.

Trick No.4 – Tipping with mascara and heating eyelash curler

tipping (1)

This is one of the most recommended hacks for “how to make your eyelashes stay curled” for a longer time.

For this hack to work for you, heat the curler for a few seconds and apply mascara with it. To achieve the best results, you should heat the curler just before you curl your eyelashes.

It’s time to flaunt your style with curled eyelashes.

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