Wondering how to make your makeup stay on all day? Here`s the answer!

Imagine you have a long day. You need to go to work, pick up your kids from daycare on your way back, drop them off at their grandparents, and then attend an important dinner that you cannot miss at any cost. Besides, wondering if you`ll be able to wind up all the preceding tasks in time, one of your major worries would definitely be how to make your makeup stay on all day.

We understand the struggle and will therefore be sharing some tips for long-lasting makeup.

Prepare your skin beforehand

One of the most neglected steps is preparing your facial skin before putting on layers of concealer and foundation. Failure to do so will result in flakes of your makeup coming off. Therefore, hydrating the skin will help reduce the dryness and leave a smoother base for application of make-up. It will also help disguise creases and fine lines.

Another important step that should be carried out beforehand is exfoliating, so as to remove the dead skin cells. This again, will result in a fresh look-with or without makeup.

Even though it is understandable that washing your face before applying makeup is important to remove the accumulated oils, dirt and any pre-applied moisturizers, we cannot stress enough on its importance. An oily face will not only cause your makeup to spread or glide away within an hour, but will also result in an untidy look.

Tip: If washing your face is not possible due to the location or the nature of your dress or hairstyle, a facial cleansing wipe could be the best alternative. Make sure you always carry some in your purse.


Use a primer

Did you know that your make-up could penetrate into your skin, not only resulting in it wearing off earlier but also causing damage to the skin due to harsh chemicals?

If you are wondering about a product that will allow you to rock that bold make-up look, yet protect the skin from the damage, you would be happy to learn about the use of a primer. It sticks to your moisturizer, and forms a protective layer that will prevent the makeup to sink into your skin.

Primers not only help in making your makeup stay on all day but also improve its quality by disguising the uneven skin tones, pores and blemishes.

Tip: Those primers which have an adhesive texture will allow your foundation to stay longer by providing it a sticky surface to cling on.


Use an appropriate foundation

Answering the common query of how to make your makeup stay on all day also involves making the right choice for make-up products.

Since the first product used after primer is foundation, you should focus on selecting one which is long-lasting. As a matter of fact, oil-based foundations are likely to smudge or come off more easily as compared to matte ones.

Therefore, using one that is lightweight and more natural would be a wise choice because there are less chances of it wearing off, and even if it does, it would probably be less noticeable than one that provides a heavy coverage.

Tip: Before investing in a foundation, do check if it is one that is likely to last up to 24 hours. Since they are created to be such, you won’t have to put in any extra efforts.

Bake your skin with translucent powder

Applying a quick coat of translucent powder after the foundation helps give a finishing touch to your makeup. It also covers small spots that you may have missed out. This step of your makeup routine is referred to as baking.  Since the powder sets and fixes your make-up, it increases the chances of it lasting for a longer period of time. So if you are looking for tips about how to make your makeup stay on all day, this will surely benefit you.


Buy waterproof makeup

If you live in an area which has hot weather, or your skin is particularly oily, or you know that the event you are attending is likely to be very crowded, the best option would be to use makeup products that are waterproof.

Since these products are designed to withstand the effects of water, they are likely to remain intact in the face of oil and sweat. Waterproof eye makeup in particular is very important in order to avoid smudging the black color of eyeliner on your entire face.


Ensure a long-lasting lip color

One make-up product that keeps coming off again and again is your lip color. Reasons are obvious such as talking, eating and drinking. The most common perception people have about its solution is to carry the lipstick with them, and keep applying it repeatedly.

Tip: One hack that can help you in this regard is to apply a coat of lip liner beneath the lip color. This will provide an extra layer and help the color stay longer.


Use a setting spray

Once you are done applying all products, here is how to make your makeup stay on all day: use a setting spray to fix all products in their place. However, make sure not to use it excessively.


Now that you have done everything in your power to make your makeup stay on longer, stop worrying about it, avoid touching your face and enjoy the event you are heading to.

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