How to remove nail glue: A proper guideline about its methods

Nail glue is quite strong and if it gets stuck onto something, it is really hard to get it off, especially clothes. However, worry not because it isn’t much of an uphill task and definitely, it is possible. If you want to know the secret, how to remove nail glue, follow this article.

Why is nail glue so effective?

For a long-lasting stay, the false nails need powerful nail glue. Hence, you must ensure that your Mani kit entails a good and reasonable quality nail glue that is sustainable for a long period.

Nail glue is labeled as Crazy glue or Superglue. It is also called “CA” or “Cyanoacrylate adhesive.” This super glue can stay permanently on false nails for weeks.

On one hand, this glue is perfect to stick to your nails. On the contrary, it may result in a horrible experience for you, if it gets stuck on your new dress, that you chose very excitedly for an event.

Don’t worry, if this may happen, read below to save the day effortlessly.

Two best methods to remove nail glue from clothes

We are aware that you have been thinking about how to remove nail glue from your clothing. We have few methods through which you will be able to remove the nail glue from your clothing. All you have to do is meticulously follow the given instructions.

Below you will find two methods to choose from. The choice is yours, either you can try the acetone method or use the water and soap hack.

Acetone Method

First step: Apply a small quantity of acetone nail polish remover on a cloth piece or cotton swab. Dab the swab or cloth piece on a small area of the affected cloth to check that acetone remover doesn’t affect your garment badly.

Second step: Once you are sure about the acetone remover, apply it to the affected area. You will soon witness that the area that is glued will get softened and loosened. This will help to remove the glue from the fabric.

Third step: Grab a tweezer or a knife once the glue softens. Use one of these instruments to peel off the glue.

Fourth step: After you are done with removing the glue, make sure that you send the clothing piece for washing. It will help to make your clothing free from any kind of residues and deposits.

Lastly, with the acetone method, you will witness its effective results by following such simple steps.

Method of water and soap

First step: Use the fabric that is covered with nail glue and place it in the soapy water tub. Likewise, keep it there until you feel the texture has become soft.

Second step: After getting done with the first step, rub the fabric on each other for cleaning the glue stain, or you can simply use a toothpaste. Keep repeating the process, until the glue comes off.

Third step: If it is a stubborn stain, then use a detergent or soap with the toothpaste. This will gradually take off the glue from the cloth.

Fourth step: Try rinsing the cloth in the cold water. This will help to take off the glue more effectively. Once you remove the stain, use a good quality detergent to bring back the newness in your garment piece.

Our two cents!

By using these simple techniques, you will find the results, and they won’t disappoint you at all. But it is always good to take precautionary measures whenever you are applying nail glue.

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