Is Cerave cruelty free? Let’s find out!

What skincare product did you buy last weekend?

Well, before trying out any skincare product, we must do our part and check for ourselves whether it is cruelty free or not.

Today, every second person opts for eco-friendly products because this way we can save our environment from damage.

Besides, you must have used or heard of Cerave products, aren’t they great? We love them! They are the best skincare products out there.

Back in 2005, when women started having skin-related issues, for instance, drying, rash, itching, eczema, and psoriasis. A team of skin experts gathered to resolve this issue by developing a product that could address these skin problems. Hence, Cerave was developed by one of the dermatologists.

That is why there’s no doubt in the fact that their products are the best. Be it anything, cleansers, moisturizers, or lotions their products are rich in ceramides. Ceramides are their essential ingredient. It helps lock the moisture into the skin and protects the epidermis from external threats.

But wait! is Cerave cruelty free?

To that, let’s venture into the Cerave world to find out!

Is Cerave 100% cruelty free?

According to the statement that Cerave made in their FAQ section of the website, their products are not cruelty free.

Though, the brand stated that their products do not undergo animal testing and they are cruelty free.

Why are we so sure about the brand being cruelty free?

Cerave products are made in China where animal testing is required by law. So, it is obvious that their products cannot be 100% cruelty free. Whereas every vegan and cruelty free skincare brand mentions its ingredients list on the packaging but Cerave products, there is truly little information present.

Is Cerave vegan?

Cerave products are not 100% vegan but they do have some limitations to use animal-derived ingredients in their products.

For instance, they use glycerin, beeswax, and cholesterol in their products, but their UK range of products is 100% vegan.

Though their moisturizing creams do have cholesterol and glycerin in their ingredients, you must do your research before buying its products because it is a semi vegan brand, containing some products vegan and some not.

Is Cerave organic?

We can vouch for Cerave products on how effective and non-irritating they are. But it is still not clear if it is organic or not.

However, their products are free from harmful ingredients.

The brand itself strives to keep its ingredients list simple and effective. Besides, there is one product in their skincare line that we are assured of is 100% organic. Cerave, foaming facial cleanser is a certified organic product in particular and it’s completely free of parabens, fragrance, sulfates, synthetic colors, or phthalates.

According to the statement made by the brand, their products are non-irritating and free of fragrance. Certainly, most of their products are non-comedogenic but in case if you are sensitive to any particular ingredient then you must consult with your dermatologist before using them.

Does Loreal own Cerave?

Loreal is the parent company of Cerave and claims to own it. Both brands do not offer cruelty free products as they sell in mainland China and could not prevent animal testing there.

Where Cerave products are manufactured?

Mainly, all Cerave products are manufactured in the United States but they are distributed all over the world for sale.

Is Cerave distributed in china?

Yes, Cerave products are distributed in China. The reason why they are not considered cruelty free is that their products undergo animal testing in China due to their policy that all imported products will be tested on animals first.

Hence, to ensure their product availability in China, they must allow animal testing.

Is cerave gluten free?

If you are looking for gluten-free products, Cerave is not your brand. The brand does not offer gluten-free products nor it has planned to offer anything of such sort in the future.

Is cerave parabens free?

One of the best things about Cerave is that you can find it in any part of the US. To ensure its widespread availability and long shelf life, their products must contain parabens as parabens tend to reduce the bacteria growth and increase the product’s life.

Besides, they do offer some paraben-free products as well, but you have to check for yourselves.

Final verdict

Is Cerave cruelty free? NO, Cerave is not a cruelty free brand nor is it vegan. However, there’s no denial of the fact that their products are one of a kind and work wonders on every skin type. But you must know that it is not recognized as a cruelty free brand.

Hence, if you are still looking for cruelty free and vegan products then check out other brands that offer 100% cruelty free products.

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