Is foundation and concealer the same thing? You do Want to know, right?

If you are reading this then you must be one of us who did not know the difference between foundation and concealer initially. We learn from each other and with this massive array of makeup products, anyone could get lost at this. We are not the only ones who find it confusing but there are makeup artists and bloggers as well who debate on this.

Is foundation and concealer the same thing? If you want to know then scroll down! Let’s get done with this question once and for all.

Distinguishing roles of each

You must carry essential makeup products with you most of the time. However, you must know about all the products that are lying in your make-up bag. Not only what does it do, but also what are its pros and cons. The ultimate goal for every product is to smooth skin and conceal the pigmentation, but the tricks and tips involved in applying them make a stark difference. A concealer and foundation both have their unique benefits but generally, they are used as a pair rather than separately.

How is concealer different from the foundation?

The name says it all, concealer is best used for concealing blemishes, dark spots, acne, and all related flaws. Though it resembles foundation in many ways, it does not mean, both are the same. The concealer has a thicker formula than the foundation.

Moreover, it comes in many forms, from liquids to creams and even powders. Apply it precisely on your blemishes and dark spots to smoothen your skin first. Once done with it,  then you are good to go to use the foundation. This way your foundation will feel less bumpy and oily, with a single skin tone overall on your face.

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Does it mean the foundation should come first?

Well, if you go with the name then yes because it prepares a base for the rest of the makeup to be applied on your skin so that every product stands out separately with its full pigmentation, but this is not generally the case. Your skin tone and skin type play the most significant role here. If you have smooth and flawless skin without any kind of hyperpigmentation, then you directly use foundation, but when you have blemishes and dark spots, probably this is not a promising idea.

Speaking of foundation, it matters what type of foundation you are using, foundation has a buildable quality, which mainly differentiates it from concealers. If you want light coverage you can go with just a pump of it while for the heavy coverage 3 to 4 pumps would be good enough to give you a full glam look.

Moreover, every foundation offers some unique benefits, some foundations come with SPFs while some have a shimmery finish. Generally, concealers do not offer these features and are specifically made to serve one basic purpose, which is to conceal.

Bottom line

Is foundation and concealer the same thing? They are not the same thing. Each offers its unique benefits and for that reason, you need to keep both with you all the time. The rest depends on you, if you do not feel like putting on too many products then just go for foundation but if you are up for a full glam look then go some extra mile and use concealer.

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