Learn all about hair serum benefits

In this article, we will highlight a hair styling product, called hair serum. We will also let you know how hair serum works, and why is it important?

Hair serums and how do they work

The hair serum is a styling product that is used to add shine to the hair. The hair serum contains silicon as the primary ingredient. Silicon is a volatile, non-metallic chemical that protects each strain of hair with a coating. Additionally, ingredients like amino acids, proteins, and ceramide are also present in hair serum. Different brands use peculiar formulae for their hair serum product.

The serum helps protect the hair. Once you apply hair serum, your hair will not get tangled up, and it feels very smooth and shiny. The silicon evaporates but does not leave residues, either on the hair strains or the scalp. Moreover, serums control hair fall, reduce moisture loss, and strengthen the hair fibers.

Why use hair serums

Hair serums can be used for any hair type but it is most useful for dry or damaged hair. By applying serum on your dry hair, you can keep them intact. It also protects your hair against dirt and radical particles that could further damage the hair.

The main reasons to use hair serums

You can use a serum, if you want to:

  • Add shine to your hair
  • To get a silky and smooth shining texture
  • To nourish dry hair. Dry hair can become very rough, and get parched very quickly, resulting in hair fall. You can use serums to moisturize them
  • Hair colors may damage your hair. Serums help the hair by providing the right oils

The right serum for your hair

Frizzy or/and dry

Hair serums that contain rosewood, marula or castor that keep hair strands soft – are good for you.

Hair that have split-ends a lot

Keratin is one of the most important ingredients of hair serum. It stops damaged hair from splitting up at the ends.

Heat and pollution problems

If your hair is damaged due to heat, triggering a loss of essential oils, you must opt for serums that contain lavender or jojoba. Even blow-drying the hair – too much after styling – would damage the hair. You should use serums to address this problem

A dry hair situation

The serum must be creamy. The best way is to apply it before you go to sleep.

A thick mane

A good hair serum contains Morrocan Argan oil. You can apply it to your thick hair and make them silky and shiny.

The curly types

You must keep your curly hair well hydrated. To nourish your hair should use a serum that contains almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, or marula oil.

Too many times colored

If you frequently color or perm your hair, it starts showing signs of damage. The serum  – that you use to keep your hair healthy – must contain green tea extracts, coconut oil, etc.


Shampoos and conditioners work to a certain degree. But to get all-round protection, using a hair serum is a must.

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