Lighten hair with developer alone: Will developer alone remove hair color?

Have you ever applied a primer but forgot to put makeup on it? Sounds strange. The same is the case with developers. You have to apply bleach and dye afterwards for lightening your hair. But what if you have to lighten hair with developer alone? This seems pretty challenging. Is it possible?

Well, the answer to this is, Yes!

You all might be thinking, how can someone just opt for the first step and miss the rest.  Indeed, hair developers act amazingly for opening the dermis. While this is done for smooth implementation of dye, what if you don’t have a bleach or hair dye? This shouldn’t hamper your journey to get lighter hair.

A developer contains hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) that helps you in getting a long-lasting hair color. It penetrates deep into your hair roots. The idea of lighten hair with developer is not bad at all.

There are several developer variants available that contain hydrogen peroxide. You must grab a suitable developer for your hair, in the range of 20 volume or 40 volume. However, there are two factors that you need to consider. First of all, if you exceed this volume then it exposes your scalp to damage. On the other hand. the higher the concentration of hydrogen peroxide, the higher are the chances to get dim hair.

Indeed, the developer can single-handedly brighten your hair shade. But you won’t be able to attain extremely effective results.

There might be a question popping in your head: What to do next to lighten hair with developer?

Don’t worry. We will address your query with possible solutions. Use these tips to your advantage and get an all-developer hair look. Note. These hacks will dim your hair to a certain extent only.

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Choose the volume developer solution wisely

Choosing the right developer with a perfect volume is important. You must know about the various types of developers. Up to what extent you want to lighten your hair will influence your decision to select your preferred developer.

  • The volume 10 developer-A safer option

This developer contains 3% of hydrogen peroxide. It’s considered a safer option if you want to lighten your hair with a developer. It doesn’t uplift your hair but it will make your hair darker by 1 level.

  • The 20 volume developer-A subtle option

The 20 volume developer can be effective, as it uplifts the hair from 1-2 levels with 6% of hydrogen peroxide.

  • The 30 volume developer-A quick option

This one is certainly going to give you quick results as it consists of 9% hydrogen peroxide. It will lighten your hair tone by level 3.

  • The 40 volume developer-A harsh option

This one is certainly a harsh option for your scalp but can be effective. It includes a peroxide of 12%. Making your hair lift to a level 3.

It is presumed that a 20 volume developer is the safe option for you. The reason for this is that the other volume developer (30,40) might be a bit harsh on your scalp.

The developer is an acidic solution. Therefore, make sure you don’t put an extra coat of it on your hair to attain quick results. It is better to choose high-volume developers if you want a quick hair shade. Moreover, your priority should be a 20 volume developer and then you can skip to another volume if you wish.

Don’t expose yourself to the sun at a greater level

Indeed, you might have heard that the sun can lighten your hair color. It’s true. The sun helps reduce melanin the hair pigment from your hair. The salt water and chlorine further make your hair color dim. But too much exposure to the sun can lead to side effects. So, you should prefer staying indoors after applying the developer.

Avoid having an extra layer of the developer on your scalp

Are you thinking of bulldozing your scalp with an extra layer of developer?

This surely is not a good idea to go ahead with. You must be thinking that an extra coating of the hair developer might give fruitful results in quick time. But that’s not the case. The hair developers don’t function in this way. Eventually, you would not want your scalp to become a barren land. Have patience!

As mentioned earlier, if you want to lighten hair with developer alone then choosing the right quantity is important. Applying too much of a hair developer can lead you to skin irritation and burns only.

All of the above hacks will help you attain your desired results. For an amazing transformation of hair, you will require a bleach and a dye. Get the developer that best suits your hair and scalp.

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