19 Surprisingly easy makeup looks that are low-key perfect for any occasion

While we love vivid and bold makeup looks just to match our skin tones, sometimes we want something low-key and more subtle. We’re talking about those makeup looks which fit your daily routine and enhance your features in the most delectable way. All you need is a few better products and some minutes to revisit your beauty routines. To save your time, we’ve put together various makeup looks to make sure that even on a hectic morning, you are still leaving the house with the most perfect makeup look.

Listing out the best makeup looks for you

Pretty eye makeup for blue eyes

pretty eyes

Blue-eyed females look fantastic with a wide variety of eye colors, but some that work particularly well include brown, orange, gold, and peach, as well as this lovely dusky pink seen here.

Another wonderful lesson you can take away from this amazing eye makeup look is that the subtle glitter in your eye’s inner corner may really help you seem bushy-tailed and bright-eyed when all you want to do is burrow back under the blanket and spend another few years in bed.

Matte brown

matte brown

Dark eyes are really beautiful and there are a variety of colors available in your cosmetic pallet. Deeper hues typically complement these darker eye colors better, and dark greys, navy blues, dark greens, browns, and blacks are all excellent shades to experiment with.

Here is an example of a very neutral cut crease / muted brown, which is much simpler to do once you have a fluffy blending brush in your hand. Incorrect blending does not look good, much more so on the one area of your face that is visible to everyone – your eyes.

Makeup idea for green eyes

make idea

Green eyes look fantastic with purple and lilac hues, but pinks, plums, and variants of these hues all work nicely.

A little shimmer on the eyelid is all that is required to brighten these lovely green eyes, and one thing that ladies often overlook is the short slick of color under the lower lash line as well. This may conceal a plethora of transgressions.

Smoked out winged liner

smoked out

On days when you don’t have time to apply a full-on cat flick with your eyeliner, mimic it with your eyeshadow. Indeed, your eyeshadow may come in useful far more often than you believe.

Take a look at your palette. Available lighter colours can simply be flicked over the eyelid and even used in place of highlighter if you don’t have any, while the darker shades may be used in place of eyeliner or even on your brows with the proper angled brush. Any of the colours in your palette may be transformed into lip gloss with a touch of Vaseline, and if you are having a broken shade then you can even combine it with a clear gloss to create your colorful last-minute nail paint.

White eyeliner

white eyeliner

White eyeliner is an incredible tool to have in your cosmetic kit for a variety of reasons. You may apply on the lower waterline to immediately brighten your eyes and help you feel less fatigued when you require much more sleep in comparison to what you get.

Additionally, you may use white eyeliner to outline the whole eyelid and use it as a primer for colorful eyeshadows. When a color is set against a white background, it immediately seems brighter, which helps bring a strong and brilliant appearance.

Bronze & glowy


It is an excellent summer style, and one for those days when you do not want to do anything else. You can create this whole look just with your highlighter and contour palette; all you need to do is learn how to apply them properly.

Again, the deeper colors may be used on the brows as well as contouring, and if you do not have darker eyeshadows that you can blend into your eye’s cut crease, you can just use the darker tones in your blusher or contour set.

As previously mentioned, the lips are made up of the palette’s nude / rose gold colours combined with petroleum jelly lip gloss, and an all-over highlighter touch always aids to make you appear (and feel) more awake. Additionally, the whole look will take a five to 10 mins time span.

Natural makeup look

natural makeup

Isn’t it strange how the most natural makeup looks usually take the longest to achieve? If you’re looking for a quick method to get this basic neutral look, to have a nude palette is unquestionably the way to go. As previously mentioned, you can use anything from your palette on the face to make it the most amazing piece of kit you’ll ever own, and knowing how to correctly apply your highlighter is always a fantastic skill to master. Even if you haven’t slept in a week, highlighter may make you seem awake! (Thankfully!)

Once again, a white eyeliner slick in the waterline / lower lash area helps to make you seem more awake, while also making your eyes appear larger. Additionally, don’t be afraid to sometimes skip the eyeliner. Sometimes it’s necessary to allow your skin to breathe, and minimal, barely-there makeup is ideal for this.

No makeup look

no makeup look

This look demonstrates the critical nature of a good brow. Your brows have the ability to completely alter the way your face appears, and the value of a simple tidy-up should never be ignored.

If you just have time for two things in the morning before rushing out the door, we recommend spending a few minutes grooming your brows and applying mascara. We’ll even confess to reusing some of yesterday night’s makeup to get this look…!

Everyday winged liner

everyday winged

When you don’t have time to apply a full eyeliner but the prospect of going without eyeliner leaves you dissatisfied, how about this? It’s a simple winged liner style that takes very little time to create.

Because the eyeliner is not fully covering the eyelid, getting it perfect will take less than half the time, and don’t you think it’s much simpler to have the outer flicks correct than the inner ones? There are many videos on how to create the perfect eyeliner flick, especially on Instagram, and we recommend viewing a couple. It’s never a bad idea to pick up a few cosmetics tricks here and there.

Pink lips

pink lips

Who doesn’t like baby-pink fizzy drinks? We surely do, which is why we fall in love with pink. lipped look every time, which is one of the easiest daily makeup ideas you should absolutely try.

To get these gorgeous, luscious lips, you need to kick off with a solid foundation, which includes taking good care of the pucker-ups! Always keep lip balm with you, even more so when the weather is very hot or unusually cold. Consider lip creams that include an SPF as well – this can help protect them from the sun’s strong rays, which may burn you even when the weather isn’t very hot or sunny.

Neutral makeup

neutral makeup

This makeup is extremely Kim Kardashian-esque, which is one of the reasons we like it. When you divide the look into simple stages, you’ll discover that it’s not as difficult as you first believed. It’s ideal for those scorching summer nights.

Again, everything can be accomplished using your contour palettes and highlighter, and be sure to invest in a nice fluffy blending brush to assist with shading around the eyelids. Another simple daily makeup look that focuses on the brows; make sure you practise them. Your brows really do determine the appearance of the rest of your face.

Inner corner highlight

inner corner

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: white eyeliner in your eye’s inner corner is an excellent idea. It helps to immediately revitalise your face, even if you haven’t slept well, and it just takes a split second. Why aren’t there more of you?

If you don’t have white eyeliner on hand, you may use your regular highlighter — the lightest shade in your palette. We’ve also used white / light eyeshadow and transparent lip gloss to get a similar look. It will immediately give you the appearance of being more alert. Consider it – you will be pleasantly surprised.

Wispy Eyelashes

wispy eyelashes

Are you a fan of artificial eyelashes? Occasionally, it’s best to leave them alone. While we understand how much you like having those fluttering beauties on, wearing them continuously is detrimental to your eyelashes. Additionally, you may find that your own eyelashes begin to fall off. Later on, this may cause you to wear fake eyelashes more often to compensate. Everything is a vicious cycle.

Investing in a high-quality mascara is critical for those days when you don’t feel like using eyeliner or packing on the falsies. If you have a decent mascara, you will find that you will not need to depend as much on your fake lashes, and your lashes will begin to grow healthier and happier as well!

Neutral eyeshadow + winged liner

neutral eyeshadow

To get the perfect eyeliner is time-consuming, and we’ve all spent hours in the morning frantically attempting to get it exactly right. If you’re having trouble getting yours perfect today, here’s a little trick we like to believe helps sometimes.

If something isn’t working, leave it, try doing something else, and then return to it. When you repeat your lines over and over, you’re going to become furious, which will make you emotional, and then you’re going to start shaking. That will do nothing to alleviate your predicament. When things start to go awry, do your brows or straighten up your foundation. There is a strong possibility that by the time you return to your liner, you will have calmed yourself enough to save it.

Bronze look

bronze look

This look is trendy right now, and thanks to celebrities like the Kardashians, these simple daily makeup trends mean that your beauty process will be much quicker. You are aware of what it implies, aren’t you? Additional time in bed!

This effect is created with a flick of a bronzed-finger. To create the illusion that you spent more than a minute on it, continue to blend some deeper shadow into the socket-line with your finger, and also apply a touch of highlighter to your eye’s inner corner.

Pink lips and neutral eyes

pink lips with neutral eyes

To get the ideal pink lips and neutral eyes, you must first take care of your skin. It’s critical to moisturize often, as well as to drink lots of water, and to utilise skin-friendly products on your skin. There are many products available in the market that are irritants to the skin and often cause more issues than they alleviate.

Examine the ingredients list of your cosmetic products – you’re looking for natural components like coconut oil, cocoa butter, and shea butter, among others. Paragons and other substances are detrimental to your makeup regimen and will wreak havoc on your skin.

Grey winged liner

grey winged

Are you the owner of a grey liner? You should, since it is a very flexible style. For a long time,  we’ve been using grey eyeliner as it works so well with the rest of our palette. It doesn’t matter whether it’s pink, purple, red, or green – anything goes with grey.

It gives a little extra to your eyes without going completely black, and it’s a really new appearance – very contemporary. We strongly advise you to replace your standard black liner with grey. Remember, for special occasions, you may also add some glitter dazzle to the mix.

A soft look for your blue eyes

blue eyes

Your beauty palette’s bronzed items are ideal for effortless daily makeup looks. With the aid of the white eyeliner, we’ve been discussing and a flick of a bronze/gold hue increasing towards the outer part of the eyelid, you’re almost ready to go.

Another fantastic technique you should always remember – a touch of highlighter on the brow bone, just under the outer tail of your brow, immediately opens up your eyes. All it takes is a fast flick of the brush or the tip of your finger and that is it!

Goldeye makeup

gold eye

Having a good eyeshadow, you may build up the pigment, or color, to get the desired appearance. When purchasing less expensive, lower-quality cosmetics, the color is usually  packed in, making it harder to blend. While we understand that you don’t want to use your new Urban Decay palette for practise, it’s not a terrible idea. With the proper equipment, you won’t need nearly as much practice as you first believed.

For gold shadows, choose an exceptional one. Choose one that allows you to gradually increase the intensity, so that you may practice with somewhat more muted tones and gradually increase the strength as you feel more courageous. Intelligent, isn’t it?

With the proper tips and techniques, you can effortlessly transform all of your makeup looks into simple daily appearances. You just require to grasp the proper tricks – such as how to utilize white eyeliner and how to use your highlighter and contouring palette for something more than just contouring and highlighting. In your free time, experiment with creating a cosmetics look in less than five minutes. You may be amazed with the results!

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