10 Semi permanent hair color remover to evade coloring mistakes

Whether it’s an unsatisfactory post-salon outcome or a DIY scenario gone wrong, hair color blunders can and do occur. That is where a permanent or semi-permanent hair color remover comes in, working as if they were magic erasers, removing the undesired color.

In an ideal scenario, colorist Kristen Fleming, color director at 3rd Coast Salon in Chicago, advises that any kind of color removal and/or correction should always be performed by a professional. With that in mind, if you’re going to take things into your own hands, here’s what you should know.

Because every time you remove the color from your hair, you risk damage. We suggest searching for one that is soft, hydrating, and devoid of bleach and ammonia. If these two elements are present, you’re asking for problems. With a clarifying shampoo, shampoo your hair and it will aid in the removal of certain colors and improve the effectiveness of the remover. Additionally, it is critical to strictly adhere to the instructions for the product you are using – you can’t surely afford experiments.

List of the best semi permanent hair color remover

Color Oops Hair Color Remover

oops hair

Both experts and influencers endorse this product. It’s inexpensive and mild, and your hair may feel dry afterward, it will not be damaged. It takes just 20 minutes to work and is an excellent permanent and semi-permanent hair color remover.

Colorfix Hair Color Remover


This three-step method is completely adjustable, enabling you to combine as many colors as necessary to match your hair’s density and length. (There are additional directions for combining it with shampoo if just a little color correction is required.) Bear in mind that it is specifically designed to remove undesired permanent color, so it may not be as successful if you are attempting to remove semi- or demi-permanent dye.

Color Intensity Eraser By JOICO


This one-step treatment removes permanent and/or semi-permanent colors in less than 30 minutes and has the additional advantage of working regardless of how old or new the color you’re trying to remove is. Bonus points for the formulation’s inclusion of strengthening keratin, which helps to reduce the chance of your tresses being further damaged.

Kolor Killer Wipes


While these wipes may not match the pattern of the other color removers on our list—they are designed for skin, not hair—it’s worth noting that you might need to remove hair color from your skin. These wipes efficiently remove stains from places where undesired dye stains may occur, such as around the nape of your neck or your hairline, without requiring you to scrub and scrub. Additionally, they are extremely mild, using softly exfoliating lactic acid and moisturizing aloe, and they smell great.

Sephora Hair: Heat Activated Color Fader


This one is best used to tone down the semi-permanent color—in other words, if the pastel pink you were aiming for ended up looking much too bubble gum-esque. Begin by shaking one packet of powder with water until it creates a gel and then massaging it into the hair. As the name says, it is heat-activated, so put on a shower cap and blow-dry your hair for about 15 minutes to activate it. To be clear, although reviews agree that it works, they also remark that it does not smell very good.

Roux Clean Touch Stain Remover


Multi-tasking to the rescue: You may use this solution to remove excess color build-up from ends as well as to remove dye stains from your skin and clothing. To be clear, this specific pick contains ammonia, making it unsuitable for usage throughout your hair; keep it for tiny areas or to level out the ends of your hair.

Revolution Pro Hair Colour Remover


This is an excellent choice for anybody looking to eliminate more vibrant hues such as purples, pinks, and blues. The ammonia and bleach-free solution eliminates not just color but also the product build-up and pollutants, while also nourishing the hair with moisturizing baobab oil, she says. It works with permanent, semi-permanent, and temporary colors, and is also very cheap.

Malibu Quick Fix


This tool is a must-have in the arsenals of many colorists. Coloring Expert Fleming is also a big fan of the vegan recipe, though she cautions that, as with any other remover, the final result may not always be the intended hue. It’s also quick-acting, completing the task in only five minutes. Additionally, the single-use packets are very convenient to utilize.

Color Delete Hair Color Remover


This is what Lee refers to as a “heavy-duty hair color remover”; use it on difficult-to-remove permanent colors. (However, you may either combine it with water to remove a little bit of color or with a developer, which can be bought separately, to remove the color completely.) Despite its power, it also contains bamboo oil, avocado oil, and a protective compound that helps prevent damage and breaking, which is always beneficial.

Colour B4: Hair Colour Remover

colour B4

This hair color remover is very effective. This method works well for removing years of red and black color without causing damage to the hair. According to one reviewer, “the only previous time I attempted to remove the color from my hair was with bleach (done professionally), and I came up with a bunch of damaged strands.” Bear in mind that this product has a strong aroma.

Need a hair color remover? Here’s what you need to look for

Bleach- and ammonia-free formulas

Hair color remover on its own is stripping and may cause harm to your hair. According to the experts we talked with, formulations including these extra chemicals would simply make the procedure even more drying and raise the chance that the process may cause your tresses to damage.

Reparative and/or hydrating ingredients

If you can locate a recipe that contains moisturizing or conditioning substances (silicones, oils, butter) and/or strengtheners like keratin or proteins, you will significantly decrease the chance of causing damage to your hair throughout the procedure.

Indications for the type of hair color

Because not all hair colors are made equal, you want to verify that the remover you choose is safe to use on the kind of color you’re attempting to remove. Typically, the packaging will indicate whether the product is suitable for temporary, semi- or demi-permanent, or permanent color.


  • How can I remove my hair color?

You don’t even need a hair color remover to remove temporary color; a wash or two with hot water and a clarifying shampoo should be enough.

To remove semi- or demi-permanent color (the terms are interchangeable), use a hair color remover that has been specifically formulated for these kinds of formulations. Begin at the mid-shaft and work your way to the ends, applying the remover just closer to the roots and scalp, where the hair will lighten much more rapidly. To remove permanent color, ensure that the hair color remover you use is formulated for this purpose. Apply in the same manner as demi-permanent color, but bear in mind that it may take many applications to fully remove the permanent color.

  • Does hair color remover bring any hair damage?

Yes, it can, particularly if it is not utilized correctly. Color remover is just as abrasive as bleach, so you must exercise caution and strictly adhere to the directions.

  •  Can we bleach our hair after applying color remover?

Because the removal procedure is already very severe, Fleming recommends giving your hair a rest and some additional TLC before continuing to bleach it. This may take time depending on your hair’s health, could be a few weeks or a month.


While removing hair color is a difficult procedure best left to the professionals, the experts we talked with assert that the Color Oops Hair Color Remover is very effective. Numerous colorists also utilize Malibu C Color Correction, which takes just five minutes to apply and comes in convenient single-use packets. The Roux Stain Remover is an excellent semi-permanent hair color remover that is great in removing excess color from dye stains on clothes and skin as well as from porous ends.

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