Setting powder vs. setting spray: Which one is best?

Makeup is not easy, especially when someone who likes to wear makeup wants it to last for a day. But it is a bitter truth that most of the makeup products will wear off during the day at some point. There are remedies available to make makeup stay on an entire day. But all this is going to require a little extra effort. And in this regard, the most commonly asked question is which one is better: setting powder vs. setting spray. People have different opinions on setting powder vs. setting spray subjects, but only an expert can tell the difference between the two.


Nobody puts on makeup hoping it doesn’t last all day. So it’s only natural that we seek out products that last the longest – products that will last during a working day, a night out, or in the sun. Without further ado, let us share our two cents about the setting powder vs. setting spray debate.

Setting powder vs. setting spray: what is the difference?


When it comes to making a decision between setting powder vs. setting spray, the answer depends on your skin type and what finish you’re looking for. Both spray and setting powder are used to hold your makeup. They may look alike, but they have a few key differences. Setting powders and sprays are suitable for different situations; what they do and how they are applied are completely different.

  • Setting powder

Those who like to wear makeup on a regular basis know that setting powder is for giving a matte finish – a fact experts agree on. There are different methods that this can be applied including using a brush or a puff. Many are specifically keen on using a soft brush for their skin because they do not want to damage the skin cells on the top.

  • Oily skin

Setting powder is commonly used by those who prefer a matte finish with their makeup. It is generally recommended for oily skin. People with oily skin already have a glow, so they have to put in a little effort to make sure that their skin looks better even when they apply makeup. Therefore, the first thing is to identify your skin type.

  • Shades

Know what is the shade of your skin and how you want to enhance it. It is a personal preference to use different shades on your skin but still, experts believe that you should use a product that will even out your skin color. If you have oily skin, do not look further than setting powder for your foundation of the makeup.

  • Brushes

If you are unable to identify this thing, the safest option is going for the softest brush available in the market. But before you choose any brush, make sure that it is tapered so that you can ensure an even distribution of setting powder. You have to apply setting powder in circular motions to spread it evenly. If you want to cover more surface area on your face, you can choose a bigger brush or a flat powder brush.

  • Setting spray

Setting spray is nowadays more commonly used than the setting powder, because of its ease of application. But one thing that you have to understand is whether or not it is going to make your skin glow evenly. The reason that people are more inclined towards using setting spray is that it gives a softer effect. A setting spray is a bit like a primer, except that you apply it when you are done putting on makeup. Its purpose is to extend the life of your look and produce desirable results.

  • Dry skin

If you have dry skin and you do not have any idea of what kind of a product is best for you, go for setting spray. Although setting spray can be used for all types of skins, it is still a subjective matter. If you have dry skin, you have to be more cautious about using setting powder because then you will have to use a brush with it. Humectant mists are important for dry skins and they will help them trap moisture within the skin.

  • Oily skin

One good thing about setting spray is that it can also be used on oily skins, because it has aloe vera which is best for all skin types.

  • Applying spray

It is very important to keep your eyes closed when spraying on your face. Make sure to keep it at least 12 inches away from your face. It tends to damage your eyes, so you have to make an extra effort while applying the spray. Once the product is dried on your face, you will not have to worry the entire day for your makeup.

Most setting sprays are lightweight and are suitable for all skin types. If you have dry skin, try choosing an alcohol-free one, as alcohol can dry out your face even more. You can also check products and reviews to buy the most suitable for your skin tone. Some products make a very fine spray while others expel more mist, which may take longer to dry. Some sprays make the skin darker. This is a good option if you have oily skin and want to avoid shining on a hot summer evening.

So in setting powder vs. setting spray, both are suitable but for different situations.

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