Skin care for seniors: 8 Tricks for a youthful skin

We all dream of radiant and flawless skin, but with the continuous shelving of new skin care products and countless Instagram influencers advice, it is not easy to figure out which one will work best for you. Although you know the basics – get enough sleep, drink plenty of water, and wash your face, what about everything in between? Fortunately, there’s no need to spend tons of cash on expensive creams and magical procedures to achieve flawless skin.

As you hit your 40s, it becomes even more important for you to set up a healthy routine. Skin care for seniors is a must-have, and being careless about it isn’t allowed at all. Those skin imperfections, dryness, and itchiness can all be diminished if you schedule a proper skin care routine for yourself. And with certain precautionary measures, you can maintain good-looking skin even when you get older.

We have consulted some of the top dermatologists of the US along with beauty experts to put together a list of some of the best skin care tips for seniors. This will help you to have glowing skin ASAP!

Some of the best skincare changes tips as per dermatologists

If you are rooting to get better skin care, then you need to look into some tips that are recommended by dermatologists. So try the following lifestyle changes for a quality skin care routine today.

Keep your skin safe from the sun

Every time you look into the mirror, do you come across discolored skin, age spots, and wrinkles? If yes, then skin exposure to the sun can be one of the many reasons behind it.

You will be enthralled to know that at your older age, sun protection provides great benefits. It helps to avoid unwanted blotchy skin and age spots. Plus, it can lessen the chances of having skin cancer, thinning, and dry skin.

Moreover, to keep your skin safe from the dangerous rays of the sun dermatologists prescribe that you:

  • Pick clothing that won’t expose your skin much to the sun:

To figure out whether your clothing provides sun protection or not, grip it up to brighter light. In case you don’t witness the shining of light through the clothing, it means your skin will stay protected from the sun.

  • Lookup for shades when you aren’t indoors:

Indeed, sunscreen alone is not enough for blocking 100 percent of the sun’s rays. So prefer shades whenever you are outdoors.

  • Choose a water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen with a 30 SPF or even greater.

Just covering yourself with clothing isn’t enough, make sure you nicely apply the SPF formula to all the skin areas.

Whenever the air gets dry- opt for a humidifier

Getting a humidifier is a good tip when it comes to skin care for seniors. But do you know why? Well, due to the air conditioning and heating, humidity can get eliminated from the air, which means dry air can result in itchy and dry skin. Therefore, sustaining humidity around 45% to 60% while you are indoors is vital to diminish itchy and dry skin. Plus, air humidity can be measured with the help of a hydrometer as well.

Go for a bathing routine

Certain easy amendments to your shower or bathe routine can lessen the chances of itchy skin. Below is what you need to follow:

  • Avoid applying bar soap:

Instead of using bar soap, you can look up to fragrance-free, creamy, gentle cleanser

  • Prefer warm water:

We know that it’s fun to stay in hot showers for long, but it removes skin’s natural oils, which is equivalent to making your skin dry

  • Pick a soft cloth for cleaning the skin:

Choosing a bath brush or buff puff can make your skin feel irritated

  • Try having a shorter shower or bathe routine:

You don’t have to go for a shower each day. When you take a shower, don’t drag it for too long (Just 10 min shower would be enough)

  • Soon after having a bath, gently pat water from the skin, but there must be some water on the skin:

Whenever you use a moisturizer, make sure you have a bit of water on the skin for extra hydration

Prefer wearing gloves during gardening and house chores

When you are doing gardening or housework, your skin is prone to harmful sunlight and chemicals that can irritate your skin easily. Hence, ensure to get your hands on gloves whenever you do such tasks.

Say no to any kind of fragrance

The skin care, colognes, and perfume formulas that comprise fragrance can make your skin itchy. Hence, when you avoid such products, you can eliminate itchy and dry skin in no time.

Check the skin for skin cancer symptoms

You never know, skin cancer can develop out of the blue. Understanding how to check the skin for symptoms can provide you the margin to know about skin cancer beforehand.

Set an appointment with a dermatologist for skin cancer screening

This is also beneficial advice regarding skin care for seniors. As soon as you reach the age of 50, the chances of skin cancer escalate. With time, such risk also grows. You can book yourself an appointment with a dermatologist and in case you get diagnosed with cancer at an earlier stage, then the chances of recovering are possible.

Avoid the habit of smoking

Smoking can be injurious for the skin in tons of ways. It makes your skin appear even older than your actual age. Plus, elastin and collagen, which caters to skin elasticity, are impaired by smoking too. So you should boycott cigarettes right away.

When do you need help from the dermatologist?

Maintaining the perfect skin care can help, however, health problems, surgery, and medication can be challenging for the skin. All of such skin struggles are understood by dermatologists and they can recommend the right treatment plan at ease. Therefore, consulting your skin’s progress and hardships is needed.

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