The best drugstore antioxidant serum for younger-looking skin

Constant exposure to sunlight, or dust particles, or improper eating habits can damage your skin. The unstable particles in our atmosphere tend to attract the skin surface and damage it. The cells of the skin get weakened. All this happens due to oxidative stress that impacts our DNA and results in an accelerated aging process.

You can use antioxidant serums to keep your skin fresh. In this article, we will enlist some of the best drugstore antioxidant serums for the skin.

Serum treatments

Unlike oils and heavy moisturizers, serums are lighter and thinner. They can penetrate deep into skin layers with ease. You can use antioxidant serums to treat your skin pigment problems, scars, reducing enlarged pores, exfoliation, etc. They are better than creams, soaps and cleansers as they can stay on the skin for a long time without causing any harm.

What are antioxidants

An antioxidant is a chemical that protects the cells of the skin from oxidative stress, caused by free radicals or molecules with high levels of electrons. These radicals attach themselves to skin cells and damage them.  An antioxidant not only counters a free radical but it deals with other harmful chemicals and compounds that may trigger a fast ageing process.

The best antioxidant serum for the skin

Check out the list of the best drugstore antioxidant serums:


The AESOP’s Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Serum contains aloe that is best for dry skin. This serum is extremely concentrated, using a small quantity will suffice for your skin. With a blend of grape and parsley, it nourishes your skin and keeps it smooth.

The Ordinary

Resveratrol 3% +Ferulic Acid 3% serum improves the tone and texture of the skin. You can use it only 2 to 3 times a day because it is very concentrated. It is not expensive.

Sunday Riley

The Sunday Riley C.E.O. Rapid Flash Brightening Serum kills off black spots and other kinds of discolorations. This serum contains Vitamin C and phytosterols formula to make your skin firm, plump and bright. It also reduces redness and any irritations.

Skinceuticals CE Ferulic

This serum combats photoaging, arrests free radicals, increases collagen production and brightens the skin.

Ranee Rouleau

Skin Correction Serum is the product of this brand. This oil-free serum controls acne by increasing the immune mechanism of the skin. This serum works fittingly well to counter many skin problems. If you use this serum regularly, it makes your skin soft and glowy. This serum keeps you well hydrated and much clearer. It also covers up scars.


There are many drugstore antioxidant serums available. We have listed some of the best serums for you. Remember, the best drugstore antioxidant serum for you is the one that suits your skin.

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