The best face powders for oily skin and the right way of applying them

I remember the time when I was new to the world of makeup. Unaware of the importance of face powder and somewhat irritated at the multiple steps involved, I would often think that applying a foundation is enough – until corrected. A friend who happened to be a beautician told me why the foundation I put so much effort in applying would slide off my oily skin within a few hours.

Face powders are meant to hold our foundation in place. It is particularly important to have knowledge about the best face powder for oily skin because make-up comes off from such skin types much sooner than others. Therefore, a product which is specially designed for oily skin is likely to help the make-up stay longer.

However, before listing down the face powders that are considered best for oily skin, we will be discussing the correct method of applying them, so as to get desirable results.

One hack is to use a good quality blotting paper before applying any make-up product. This allows excess oils from the skin to be sucked up. The remaining greasy look is then diminished by the use of a face powder.

  1. For oily skin type, it is recommended to apply face powder after most applying other products including not only the foundation but also the concealer. (Not the blusher because its color would disguise or lighten under the effect of powder).
  2. Face powders need not be applied on the entire face but only on the oily areas such as T-zone or under-eyes.
  3. Rather than using a foundation brush, it is better to use sponges or puffs to apply face powder. These tools will absorb the excess oil from your skin leaving it cleaner and less oleaginous.

The best face powders for oily skin

Below we have mentioned some of the best face powders for oily skin, because I know how difficult it is to find a good one.

  • Fenty Beauty Invisimatte Blotting Powder

Owned by the famous singer and actress Rihanna, Fenty Beauty cosmetics have introduced a face powder that is just perfect for oily skin. Analogous to a blotting paper (just like the name suggests), this face powder absorbs any excess liquid and glutinous residue on the face, thus resulting in a perfectly matte finish.

Its additional benefits are that it helps the foundation stay on for a longer period, does not clog pores and reduces their visibility.

  • MAC Blot Powder (Pressed)

Recommended by experts for oily skin, this face powder has the quality to limit the amount of oil secretion from our skin. It results in a very natural finish, yet adds sufficient texture and color to fall in the list of a professional make-up artist’s favorite products.

If carried around in the handbag during summer, this powder will allow a quick fix every time you need to make that excessive shine go away.

  • Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

This face powder is not only suitable for oily skin types but also for those who are facing any medical conditions that result in a flushed, red skin or tiny pus-filled facial bumps. Reason being it is slightly tinted (colored), which allows it to correct the skin tone and provide a better coverage without being applied excessively.

Note: When using a tinted face powder, it is very important to select one which matches your skin tone.

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder is available in 8 different shades ranging from transparent to pecan and claims to combat natural skin oils for up to 5 hours

  • Clinique Stay-Matte Sheer Pressed Powder

This product has an oil-free formula. It is one of the best face powders for oily as well as combination skin.

Having a very thin and transparent texture, this face powder can be applied multiple times without resulting in a cakey look. It offers a good value for the money spent and is suitable even for those having a sensitive skin.

  • Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation

A perfect solution for a lazy person like me. This product serves the dual purpose of a foundation as well as a face powder. Even though it has a creamy texture (due to the presence of foundation), it results in a matte finish, thus making it a suitable option for people with oily as well as normal skin.

Available in a convenient compact, this product provides medium coverage and manages to successfully camouflage the irregularities in our skin without making it appear too shiny or oily.

While I have mentioned some of the best face powders for oily skin, it is always a good idea to consult the make-up experts in the beauty section of stores. Whether you are unsure about the shade you should purchase or the product type (compressed vs. loose powder), these representatives are usually able to help out. However, in view of the fact that numerous cosmetic companies have emerged these days and each representative may try promoting their brand, it is advisable to prepare a list of reliable and well-recognized names that would be safe to use on your skin and then limit your search for the required product to that list only.

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