The Ordinary Vitamin C Serum: A new name for happy skin days

“A budget-friendly skincare package within one product.”

If you are someone who loves prepping their skin with nourishment sessions every once in a while, then you must have come across a magic potion – “The Ordinary Vitamin C.” Its name might state it as an ordinary skin moisturizing serum or cream, but in reality, it has revolutionized the skincare routine across the globe.

After going through the reviews and massive responses by its fans, we have decided to have a chatty review with all of you. Therefore, after testing The Ordinary Vitamin C (HA Spheres 2% and Suspension 23%), we have extracted the following details;

A quality brand – The Ordinary

The Ordinary brand was showcased in stores in 2016. From then onwards, it somehow managed to set a benchmark for traditionally high-cost products for a snippet of the price. With its numerous options of oils, serums, retinoids, and peels, many users across the globe have showered positive feedback. However, now it’s evident that The Ordinary Vitamin C is all ready to take the legacy forward.

Indeed, the Vitamin C tag in this product makes it stand out from the rest of its skincare companions. While its budget-friendly element acts as a cherry on top for the product. But it doesn’t end here, there is more on the plate to discover. May it be about healthy ingredients or its smooth texture, we have rounded off a wholesome review.

The Ordinary Vitamin C – A complexion booster

People often get puzzled – how can such a wholesome product cost you $5.80? With its unique property of suspended L-ascorbic solution and being free from silicon, this product has made its place in the skincare industry.

The Ordinary Vitamin C is not pitch-perfect. But, you can expect this formula to embrace your skin with a radiant and smoother glow. However, if you are facing any bumpy patches, impaired complexion, rough texture, and dullness, then Vitamin C in this product provides a guarantee to cater a solution.

As this product comes along with a stinging sensation and stronger formula, therefore, we will recommend you to use it at night rather than in the morning. And prefer pampering your skin with a moisturizer, and then follow it with this serum.

The Ordinary Vitamin C – Basic ingredients

If talked about the formulation of this product, then its ingredients – The Ordinary Vitamin C HA Spheres and Suspension 23% are as follows:

  • L-ascorbic acid is the key ingredient in this serum.
  • Vitamin C (23 percent) in this product acts as a superhero for your skin. From blurring dark spots and brightening your tones to fading the impact of wrinkles and fine lines This acts as an up-lifter for your skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid (2 percent) works amazingly in boosting moisture and hydration into your skin.
  • Its Silicon-free property helps in exposing the Vitamin C powder to your skin in the fullest form. But it can trap it in the formulation as well. However, in the end, it provides your skin subtle stability.
  • The BHT (Butylated hydroxytoluene) element in this formula makes it a clean product to use for your skin.

The Ordinary Vitamin C – A gritty texture of the watery cream

The filling in the tube is a creamy textured lightweight formula, which penetrates your skin with a feather-like feel. Moreover, you might also come across its gritty finish at some point. This happens because of the dispersed L-ascorbic acid in this formula. But this is noticed in other Vitamin C products as well.

Nevertheless, during the test drive (using it for the first time), many people have witnessed it getting a bit scratchy and sandy on the skin. While it is perceived to be much grittier than the other Vitamin C products in the market.

Note: It is already stated in the product’s description – If you want to prevent a gritty feel, then try its Vitamin C in Silicone with a Suspension of 30 percent.

The Ordinary Vitamin C – Sting and irritation

It is true, you will face a tingling result every time you use a product formulated with Vitamin C, but this serum has taken it a bit too seriously. As many users have said it stung more as compared to the other serums, and to an extent that it becomes intolerable at times. Similarly, after its application people have faced unbearable sensations on their skin as well.

Furthermore, as per our research even after 1-2 weeks, the stung didn’t fade away. We would recommend you to be careful while applying this product. Especially, if you have sensitive skin, then use it in little quantity.

Note: The box mentions a warning – it has a stinging impact. So, that shouldn’t be a surprise for the users at all.

The negative perspective: After using this product, you might come across a stinging sensation on your nose, cheeks, and to the areas where blemishes are visible. Also, it is said that the blemishes zones turn into red bumps, but that is not the case every time. Hence, consumers have mixed reviews about this fact.

So, how to bid farewell to the sting and gritty texture?

We have formulated a solution to your worries as well. Thus, in case you were wondering how to get rid of its sting and sandpaper feel, then below is the remedy;

  • Cleaning up your face with water and making it a bit wet is a wonderful option for this product. Hence, as soon as you are done with an exfoliating and cleansing session, pamper your skin with water mist.
  • Afterward, grab The Ordinary Vitamin C serum and start massaging the formula in a circular motion onto your wet face.
  • Finally, you will take a sigh of relief, as you will witness that the stinging has gone to some extent and the grittiness has melted down into the water. Also, you will feel that it penetrates your skin easily this time.

The Ordinary Vitamin C – Fragrance

Even though The Ordinary Vitamin C claims itself to be a fragrance-free formula, this isn’t the case anyhow. After we dived deeply into its feedback, many people have come up with a statement that it has a powerful metallic fragrance.

Likewise, the scent is strong enough to stay in, the applied formula zone for a longer time, which can get a bit annoying. On the contrary, this Vitamin C serum imparts sunscreen efficacy with a lightweight solution.

The Ordinary Vitamin C – The outer look and formula

You might have seen serums with a dropper and a glass container. But this formula comes in a tube, which makes it easier for you to pop out its material by pressing it. Although this is a beneficial fact, yet many people have complained about its formula dripping out whenever the posture of the tube is upturned. Therefore, we would suggest it be in a dropper bottle, instead of a tube.


  • Contains Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin C
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Other ingredients – Squalane and Coconut Alkanes
  • Free of silicone, oil, water, alcohol, sulfates, cruelty, and parabens
  • Budget-friendly product


  • With its Vitamin C formula application, your skin will get a smooth base
  • If your skin is wet, then after applying this serum, you can add on other products formula and penetrate it much easily into your skin
  • With its L-Ascorbic Acid, your skin can stay free from aging signs
  • The antioxidants benefit your skin by plumping it with hydration
  • Due to its liquid and lightweight formula, it applies to your skin quite smoothly
  • Daily usage of this product makes your skin silky and soft


  • It feels like a gritty texture on the skin
  • Stings are a drawback to this product, as they can make your blemishes even more prominent
  • It might leave a heavy and oily feel on your skin.

Our final verdict

If you are a newbie to buy Vitamin C skincare products, then The Ordinary Vitamin C is a nice option. We won’t say that it is the finest Vitamin C serum, but you can give it a try, and see if it suits your skin or not. Besides, it does make your skin shine with a glow.

Furthermore, getting an organic matte finish without skin oxidation throughout the day is a guaranteed benefit. So pair this serum with your makeup routines to get an all-natural glam. But don’t expect it to act as a product that will cover all your acne scars, freckles, or dark spots.

Many people prefer sticking to The Ordinary Vitamin C serum because it is not very heavy on the pocket. So, if you have a minimal budget and if you are looking for a skin-smoothing formula, then this can exactly fit your needs.

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