Top 12 incredible purple shampoos that are perfect for your brassy hair

Most people are aware that when someone opts for blonde or a bright hair color, they require maintenance. This is needed as one uses bleach for lifting hair’s base and that means more chemicals and processing than coloring it a darker hue. Similarly, after such a hair dyeing process, your hair becomes open to breakage and with time the hue becomes brassier and duller as well.

But don’t you worry, we have a magical solution to the brassiness of your blonde hair – and that is purple shampoos. This baby is just amazing; it helps to avoid yellow-tinged hair from the very first day of your dye-colored hair.

Now, you must be thinking why is it purple? Well, consider it as a color-perfector: The color present opposite of one another on the hue wheel cancels one another out, hence, the tone of purple will outweigh yellow tones.

We have formulated a helpful guide so that you can pick the best purple shampoo for your hair. Hence, keep your eyes glued to this guiding session.

1.Purple Rice Water Strength & Color Care Shampoo by SheaMoisture

If you are looking for a purple shampoo that suits the best to kinky or curly hair, this product by SheaMoisture is all that you need. Indeed, it is cool to have blondes but it’s true they also entail much work to do to sustain their healthy curly tresses. This richly hydrating product constitutes jojoba oil, argan oil, and shea butter to reinstate damaged hair.

Likewise, the ingredient which is the showstopper of this shampoo is the purple rice water that has a divine scent and makes your hair prominently bright, soft, and cleansed.

You can get your hands on this shampoo by SheaMoisture for $10.99.

2.Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo by Amika

If you feel that your hair has been damaged badly, then you should pick this Keratin-safe formula by Amika. This purple shampoo is developed without any sulfates while it is completely free of any cruelty, gluten, and unnatural colors. It is considered as a brass-busting, ultra-violet shampoo that caters to shiny and bright, cool-toned effects so you can apply this on grey, silver, or blonde hair. Likewise, brownie points for its amazingly delicious fragrance.

If you have been a user of the Amika product, then you must be aware of its next-level quality when it is about the fragrance and this baby is here to continue the legacy.

It consists of Sea Buckthorn, which fills Omega-7, Vitamins E, C, and A, usually only seen in fish oil; it encourages collagen production – a prime formation block for nails, hair, and skin.

You can buy Bust Your Brass Cool Blonde Shampoo by Amika for $12.00.

3.Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Purple Shampoo by John Frieda

This purple shampoo by John Frieda is said to be the best overall formula for your hair. This was one of the very first brands of drugstores to set in products by hair shades, and this particular shampoo is going great even after its launch.

You only need to wash it three times with this product to equalize your blonde and eliminate your hair brassiness. With its Optical Brightening Technology, this shampoo helps in absorbing UV light to turn your color into a vibrant one. Likewise, it is filled with extracts of lavender to make your tresses even softer.

Sheer Blonde Colour Renew Purple Shampoo by John Frieda is available for $23.50.

4.Blonde Moment Treatment Shampoo by Not Your Mothers

This baby is certainly the best drugstore product that your hair can ever witness. This shampoo by Not Your Mothers gives a guarantee to hydrate strands, impart shine, and remove brassiness.

This brand’s line also showcases a conditioner and an extra product, which are used to fasten the color effect. The best part about this shampoo is that the more you will apply it on your hair, the more it will help to reduce the vibrant color.

Buy this purple shampoo by Not Your Mothers for $14.93.

5.Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo by Drybar

If you are someone who ends up with blowouts every time you dye your hair, this means your hair is being damaged twice – while this product performs a dual-duty to repair that.

The shampoo is filled with extracts of lemon to conserve your blonde and improve tone, also extracts of chamomile to make the tone better and plump the shine.

To fight that styling with heat, it has vegetable and keratin proteins to make the hair structure stronger and avoid its damage from heat.

You can buy Blonde Ale Brightening Shampoo by Drybar for $28.00.

6.Shimmer Lights Shampoo by Clairol Professional

If you are hunting for a purple shampoo that works best for highlights, then Shimmer Lights Shampoo by Clairol Professional is the right fit for your choice. This product has been on the shelves of stores for a long time now and is considered as one of the very famous choices in the market when it comes to its price range.

This rich protein solution is ultra-gentle to use and has a vibrant purple, so soon after a wash, you will be able to witness lighter and brighter strands. The product helps to tone your hair brassiness, moreover, it also revitalizes the dim highlights.

You can add Shimmer Lights Shampoo by Clairol Professional to your hair care regimen for $11.52.

7.Color Balance Purple Shampoo by Joico

You can impart extra life into your dull blonde hair with Color Balance Purple Shampoo by Joico. The solution possesses just the perfect quantity of pigment in it to make the yellow tones neutralize so you don’t end up with any purple traces within your hair.

Even after re-shampooing your hair several times, this product’s pigments of tone-correcting will stay connected to the hair fibers.

Likewise, the Complex of Multi-Dimensional Defense shields against color disappearance, and the Complex of Bio-Advanced Peptide makes strands shiny, fights with fizziness, nourishes and repairs hair strands.

Color Balance Purple Shampoo by Joico is for $14.88.

8.The Perfect Blonde Shampoo by Pravana

If you have damaged your hair after dyeing, then you need to enrich them with a gentle shampoo, so that you can get rid of those warm tones. That’s exactly where The Perfect Blonde Shampoo by Pravana comes to rescue your hair.

The pigment of purple in this shampoo is so strong that you only need to apply it once a day a week. This buddy by Pravana is a sulfate-free formula so it will be quite smooth on your hair but sturdy on brassiness.

It is infused with an absolute double ultra-violet system of dye and fitted brighteners to provide you with blonder, brighter hair that’s shinier and stronger.

This purple shampoo by Pravana is for $15.99.

9.Color Me Brilliant Mushroom + Bamboo Color Protect Conditioner by Briogeo

Are you looking for an all-natural, plant-based solution? If yes, then grab Color Me Brilliant Mushroom + Bamboo Color Protect Conditioner by Briogeo instantly.

This clinically-approved shampoo helps to lessen the effects of color fading and that too around 10 washes. A vegan keratin substitute is known as turkey tail mushroom and bamboo mix to strengthen and preserve hair by imparting shine.

Also, many of this product’s users have said that it provides minimal breakage and tremendous color. So don’t miss the opportunity to make the best out of this product.

This purple shampoo by Briogeo is for $26.45.

10.Bright Blonde Shampoo for Beautiful Color by Oribe

Bright Blonde Shampoo for Beautiful Color is an amazing splurge. It remedies your hair tresses with a sulfate-free formula developed to instigate the tones that are blonde in your hair.

This product is quite decent and won’t make your strands dry at all, so it is an awesome choice for heat-damaged and frizzy hair. With the help of violet pigments, this shampoo fights brassiness and imparts shine.

Moreover, after having a shower, you don’t have to worry about your dye-treated hair getting affected by the UV rays and dullness.

Bright Blonde Shampoo for Beautiful Color by Oribe is for $46.00.

11.The One Signature Shampoo by Kristin Ess

If you are someone who has been facing the problem of split ends for long, then The One Signature Shampoo by Kristin Ess is asking for your attention. This product has received tons of love from its users across the globe and is considered a favorite product by many celebrities as well.

With its zip-up technology, your split ends and weak hair strands can easily be catered with smoothness. Moreover, it helps to repair the damaged cuticles and acts as a shield against environmental stressors.

The One Signature Shampoo by Kristin Ess is for $33.28.

12.Platinum Blonde Shampoo by Paul Mitchell

This purple shampoo by Paul Mitchell is the perfect solution for platinum blonde hair. If you want to have a slight beige tone, not including any silver or brass, then a thumbs up for this product from our side.

This certainly is a must-have. The violet-tinted solution does a tremendous job at counterbalancing brassy tones in the faded tone of blonde colors. Ingredients of conditioning, for instance, extract of jojoba leaf make sure tresses are shiny and soft after shower.

Buy this product by Paul Mitchell for $12.60

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