What is a bob hairstyle? Let’s have a look!

Years ago, bob hairstyles earned a reputation of being the safest choice for women yet boring for a hairstyle. Now in recent times with most of the celebrities sporting different forms of bob, this hairstyle is anything but boring. With so many different interpretations of bob haircuts, you can customize them as per your needs and facial features. But for this, you need to know about this hairstyle in detail.

What if somebody asks you what is a bob hairstyle? What would you tell them? Well, any hairstyle which is cut anywhere from just below the shoulders or just above the chin is a bob hairstyle. Then came various styling patterns of it, sleek bob, A-line bob, wet and wavy bob, and so forth. Each one of them takes on a different vibe, you can surely find a great match for your personality from them.

Do you know what the best thing is about bob hairstyles? They never go out of fashion. Even they have become quite a thing among celebrities and hot stars. Jennifer Anniston and Courtney Cox have been flaunting this hairstyle since the 1990s. They have shifted the paradigm of bobs and the way we used to interpret them.

To make them further exciting, curls are now also incorporated into bob hairstyles. There are many variations of this hairstyle which never go old but instead, look great on all face shapes – says Stephen Thomas, the Oscar Blandi Salon’s hairstylist in Newyork City.

Ahead are several bob hairstyles which can make you look worth a million dollars!

Natural Bob

Viola Davis is not just a fashion diva but a hope for curly hair girls. The way she embraces her naturally curly hair is commendable. You can have a similar natural bob for your hair and manage them by using a combination of styling gel, curl cream, and hair oil. This way, it will become extra manageable and shiny.

Lob Hairstyle

Hair is precious to every woman; it takes a whole lot of time and thinking to decide which haircut should be taken. If you have long hair, the fear of looking bad after a haircut gets on the next level. For such girls, bob hairstyles are the best start to have a mild experience of short hair. It does not completely fall in the category of short hair; it is somewhere in between long and short hair. Short enough to flaunt and long enough to pull back if needed. This haircut will free you from the feeling of being tied to a single hairstyle.

Like Lauren Hutton’s style, you can leave it air dry for a messy look, or if you feel like short hair someday then tong them a bit to make them look shorter.

Beach Waves – Shoulder Length Bob

If you don’t want to go way too short, then try this hairstyle. Without going too short, this hairstyle looks beautiful in every hair type and on every face shape. To get these beachy waves, wrap your hair around a 1.5 – 2 inches curling tong and keep them wrapped for at least 8 – 10 seconds. After getting done completely, comb your hair to loosen those curls. This slight curly bend will pop out the highlighted strands just like Halle Berry’s flaunts in this picture.

Sleek Layered Bob

This sleek bob with layers makes hair look fuller and edgy from the corners. The way actress Glenn Close has carried this look shows, this haircut can be simple yet bold. According to Nichole, such hairstyles with blunt cuts with one side tucked behind shape the face beautifully, making facial features more prominent.

It is recommended to have front bangs with this haircut to give a little messy hair look.

Pixie Bob

Pixie bob cut is a hybrid of pixie and bob hairstyles. If you love playing with your hair, then you must try this pixie short bob. The edgy haircut appears super short crop with a slight hint of waves and softness. If you are a blessed soul with wavy hair, scrunch it using your hands to style. If you have straighter hair, then use a styling wand to create natural-looking waves just as Tilda Swinton did in this look.

Blown-Out Bob

Let’s admit it, long hair requires a lot of maintenance. But for a blown-out long layered bob, the case is different. It creates a piece-y hair texture, which makes hair look thicker. For a night event, a blown-out bob is the best hairstyle you could wear, they bring a softer finish to the layers with perfect length.

Here Oprah is wearing the very same hairstyle, blown out freshly using a wax pomade.

Classic Bob

For women in their late 40s, the classic bob is a blessing. Not only does it look fashionable for this age but also adds volume to the hair without making your head feel heavy. Here is a tip to keep the classic bob hairstyle alive and fresh, trim the edges after every 6 to 8 months. If you don’t want to invest a lot of resources in maintaining it, you may have to live with a textured look that, fortunately, grows out attractively.

Shaggy Bob

Shaggy Bob is undoubtedly one of the coolest bobs to ever exist. They consist of choppy layers which add a rocker vibe to the look. Those women who find classic bob mainstreamed can go for this one.

A-line Bob (Strawberry bob)

Yolanda Hadid’s A-line haircut is slightly shorter than the back just exactly the way it should be. A-line bob is widely known with the names like graduated bob, inverted bob, and strawberry bob. This classy asymmetrical look has an edgy youthful vibe. If you wish to look younger and sophisticated, ask your stylist to add stacks of layers to your hair and keep them shorter from the back.

Blunt Bob

Anna Wintour’s blunt bob look has shown that bob is anything but boring. The length of the classic blunt bob should be one to two inches below the chin, though, you can customize it as you want and as per your face shape and features. The key here is to keep it sleek by reducing the flyways and ensuring volume throughout the look.

Rounded Bob

Not necessarily you have to go edgy and layer-y all the time. Sometimes a nicely cut bob free of edges can take your look to the next level. The rounded bob looks perfect on the faces shaped like Loretta Divine. This hairstyle is an excellent way to make your hair color look prominent and shiny.

Middle-parted Bob

Angela Basset’s sleek middle-parted bob is proof that it can look incredibly sophisticated. Nichole thinks that it is a low-maintenance bob that highlights and elongates the jawbone. Angela’s look in this picture is easily achievable by using a flat iron, some gel, and a spray.

Subtle Layered Bob

If you have straight hair, then how did you prevent yourself from having this subtly layered bob until now? They are slightly shorter from the back and layered from the front which gives a nice shape to your face. They look fuller from the back and sleek from the front.

Voluminous Bob

No matter if you have straight hair or curly hair, you can achieve these voluminous bobs by using just a wand. But before using a wand, increase the hair volume first with the help of a blow dryer.

Here in this look of Jane Fonda, hair color is playing a significant role. Thomas recommends if you have grey hair then always go for a lighter color. This way the grey roots won’t show up quickly. Grey roots blend easily with light colors, especially with blonde, it is much easier to maintain such colors.

Slicked Bob

Here in this picture, model Maye Musk has pulled off this sleeked, slicked bob in an ultimate cool-girl style. The beauty of this hairstyle is that it can be pulled off by an aged woman. If you want to flaunt your outfit and can’t go for an updo due to short length, you can always create a sleek wet look in this hair.

Curly Bob

Do you also believe that curly hair can’t have bangs? Well, Gayle King’s curly hair bangs will prove you wrong. Just like her, every girl with curly hair can pull off this look. All you have to do is just ask your stylist to cut a few short bangs around the eyes and you are good to go.

Youthful – Bob

Just like the name says, youthful bob is both timeless and trendy. Similarly, in this picture the hairstyle is framing Iman’s eyes, bringing extra attention to it.

Asymmetrical Bob

Shorter from one side, longer on the other – this is how this haircut distinguishes itself from the rest of the bobs. The way this fashion diva Linda Fargo has carried, shifted everybody’s focus on this simple style. It would look great on wavy hair as well.

Smooth Bob

A smooth bob is an ultimate solution to your flat hair. With age, hair gets thinner and smooth bobs offer a perfect solution for this. Use a volumizing shampoo and mouse with this haircut and you will feel a prominent difference in your hair volume.

Bob with Sharp Bangs

Actress Cicely Tyson has beautifully pulled off this bob haircut with sharp bangs in her Chinese straight hair. Doesn’t she look amazing? They would look great on wavy hair as well. Do give it a try. You will love it too.

So now that you know what bob hairstyle is, get yourself the one that suits best on your face. However, before going for any kind of such haircut, consider your hair texture and quality first and then make a sound decision.


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