Myths and facts about tanning: Why is tan skin super attractive?

Why is tan skin attractive? Why are many people obsessed with tan skin? Does tan skin portray a wealthy or impoverished sign? These questions must have popped once in a while in your mind. Well, there are numerous myths about tanning your skin.

Having tan skin is perceived to be ultra-healthy by most people living in the Western countries. The beach sessions for them are no less than a routine. However, it’s not the same in other countries. In China, the dark-toned skin symbolizes the poor class and fair toned skin symbolizes the elite class. There is a reason why skin color is associated with social class. The labor in China works under the scorching sun. It leads their skin to get dusky.

Pondering about the other reasons and facts for, why is tan skin attractive?

People being infatuated towards the dark skin texture has been a talk of the town since long. It’s considered very attractive and showcases itself no less than a fashion statement.

You might have seen people basking in the sun. Well, they may just be having a chill time on a sun-soaked sandy beach. The most evident reason for tan skin being hyped as charming and appealing is that it camouflages the defects in your skin. On the other hand, the people who have milky skin surely are unable to hide their facial or body imperfections.

Our scrutinized facts about tan skin myths should let the cat out of the bag now. These crazy yet rational myths will surely leave your eyes wide open.

Let’s not drag it any further, indulge your mind into a brainstormed debate.

The contradictory statement between sun exposure and vitamin D – A Two-sided story!

Vitamin D plays a vital role in keeping your skin healthy and soft. Therefore, if you consume such diets that are rich in Vitamin D, you will get powerful muscles and bones. However, the benefits of vitamin D contradict the normal perception of people about tanning skin. This myth is all about a two-sided story.

The image above portrays the idea of sun exposure and vitamin D working together as an amazing hack for a tan skin. This exposure helps you absorb key nutrients to keep your skin cell healthy. Likewise, it’s important to take precautionary measures by avoiding excessive sun exposure. Frequent exposure to the sun may activate the dead cells on your skin.

The second side of the picture includes the statement – hazardous effect of sun exposure. Moreover, the risks include: aging, injuries, and sunburn. Therefore, due to the possibility of such harmful side effects, people switch to substitute ways for entailing Vitamin D. All in all, too much sun exposure is not beneficial for you.

Youth should avoid skin tanning in their adolescence period – Sure thing or not?

It is usually recommended for children not to tan their skin until they attain the age of 12 or 13 years. But it is presumed by many people that youth should not bronze their skin.

Premature exposure of skin to the sun can lead to a greater risk of damage in the future. Especially, the risk of attaining cancer is most prevalent. If children want to get their skin tanned, they must use lotions on their skins.

The craze for having dusky skin is prevalent among teens. Meanwhile everyone has their reason to flaunt why tan skin is attractive for them, they may want to be the center of attraction for their friends.

The young adults must take precautionary measures when it comes to tanning their skin.

Whether to base tan or be scared of the sunburn – What to do?

The idea of getting a blemished saucepan-look on your skin is surely not a thing you want.0

However, a myth is being circulated on the internet, whether base tan causes sunburn or not? The answer to this question surely perplexes everyone. Don’t worry. We will cater to your query with a solution.

The answer is simple. The base tan can’t prevent the harmful effects of sunburn. Hence, this is just a false myth. Embracing base tan can leave your skin with marks. Not only this, but it may affect the DNA of the skin layer (deoxyribonucleic acid) to destruct as well, thus making your skin prone to cancer.

If your skin has been affected by sunburn, then you should opt for preventive measures. Applying sunscreen with an SPF is an amazing hack.

You must protect your skin from sunburns. Just having a tan base won’t be enough to get back your sunburned-free days.

The logic of tan skin being wealthy, healthy, and attractive – Makes sense!

 Everyone entails a different perception about skin color, health, wealth, and beauty.

As mentioned earlier, there is an obsession of attaining a tan complexion in western cultures, the fact proves to be true. When it comes to getting sunlight exposure in countries like the US, it becomes difficult, because they don’t get too much exposure to sunlight.

Indeed, tanned skin is a major indicator of your social background. Therefore, to attain such prestige and pride in being rich, people living in western countries love tanning their skin.

 Shifting to artificial and Topical products – A safer way assumed?

Many people are scared of sunburn and don’t want to land themselves in hot waters. Therefore, such people don’t believe in myths related to tanning skin. They directly go for artificial and topical products.

Their concern is somewhat right, as skin safety should come first.

Most of the beauty products include tanning ingredients (DNA-dihydroxyacetone). People use these products to attain a tan skin. Not to miss, artificial tanning is all about fitting it in other mucous membranes or absorbing that DNA.

Moreover, the intake of vitamin D is important. You can get Vitamin-D by consuming egg yolks, cheese, fish, and dairy products in your everyday diet.

Making the switch to artificial products may be an intelligent decision for some people, while some people might disagree with it.

The fright of cancer and Melanoma – is it true?

The most dominant side effect associated with tanning relates to cancer. While, the myth – tanning doesn’t cause cancer – isn’t true at all.

Many people tend to suffer from Melanoma – the scary cancer – due to excessive sun exposure. It is true that Melanoma can be caused due to many reasons and tanning your skin can be one of them. While, the people who are already exposed to such diseases should avoid bathing in the sun.

The debate still continues regarding fright of cancer through skin tanning. So, just make sure you take the preventive measures seriously.

The attractiveness of tan skin is directly proportional to the thought process that you entail. Some people might consider it charming while some might disagree. There will always be a contradiction between the point of views. But you can always glow with a unique shine of yours.

It is true that there are numerous misunderstandings associated with tanning your skin. This is due to the lack of knowledge. Also, there is no proper understanding as to how long your skin should remain exposed to sunlight. You need to be cautious at all times.

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